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January 6 -  May  7
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[What's Happening]
Gloriosky, boys and girls, I've managed to write the date twice so far this year and without reverting to "2016"!  The first time was the work order for my oil change and service on the scoot yesterday...and this was the second.  Now I'm enjoying a nice, hot, cuppa tea after riding the Black Bitch home from the shop on this chilly, wet, morning.  When I got the call earlier that she was done and ready for pick up, I had to weigh whether to risk the rain or wait for tomorrow's clear, but MUCH colder weather.  Since I was already experiencing Empty Bike Barn Syndrome after only one night.  I did manage to beat the rain home but, in my eagerness, I forgot that basic lesson that, after drinking 32oz of black coffee, make sure to drain the bladder before riding in cold air...WOW, that was a desperate, albeit short, ride to the house!
I'm now settled in to ride out this new rain event with BB buttoned up in the bike barn, and a full pot of tea to warm my innards while I putz around the house.  The only thing on to-do list is the annual ride planning meeting on Sunday at Post 240.  I actually don't even need to attend that except it is the one time out of the year that I get to see some of you.  It's times like this that I really miss the old Panhandle Motorcycle Society as a gathering place.
Okay, I've run out of stuff to Ramble on about for now so take care, stay warm, ride safe, be good to one another and I'll seeya out there.  Namaste, y'all!
Meanwhile, back at Casa Coyote, I finally got around to updating the Ramblings...  I busted butt this year after the planning meeting and had the entire schedule input to "What's Happening" for the update following the meeting and, the day I finished it, got an e-mail from Jimmy Lee saying to ignore the final copy he sent because there were more changes to come.  He was going to be out of town that weekend, so he wouldn't send the final final schedule until the next week.  I went ahead and posted what I had and, lo and behold, when he DID send the ultimate schedule, it took me longer to FIND the changes than it did to change the website.  In the meantime, even more events not presented at the meeting are popping up so I HOPE this weekend's update is accurate.  If y'all do find errors, drop me an e-mail and I'll do my best to keep up.
After a bunch of days where I decided to wash the scoot but, instead, went riding, I actually did it today.  One of the reasons I had been putting it off was that the leather hard bags were so hard to get off and back on again and it seemed almost pointless to give her a good, overall, bath when I couldn't reach anything behind them (rationalization, right?).  Well, I had finally gotten around to modifying the mounting system and, worked great.  I guess I have no real excuse for letting her get that dirty again...except for the oldest one, "If it's a pretty enough day to wash it, it's a good enough day to ride it."
I AM finding this arthritic old body handles riding much better than washing so I'm kinda worn down tonight.  On that note, I'm gonna shut it down for tonight and get some rest.  We've just had a cold front move through, so take care, stay warm, ride safe, be good to one another and I'll seeya out there.  Namaste, y'all!
I'm feeling a little ragged around the edges today...this is two years, to the day, that I had to call on Covenant Hospice for help with Mom.  I had literally used myself up caring for her and had something of a breakdown, myself.  This was brought home to me today as I went to the funeral of the mother of a dear friend.  You don't have to be in combat to experience PTSD...and, yes, it is real!  I don't expect the next couple of weeks to get much better, either.  Granted, it IS slightly better than last year and I know what to expect this time, but still....
I forced myself to de-funk this evening and take a ride and found myself downtown for my traditional weekend ride to Palafox Pier.  I think it has another name now, but since I've been doing this for around 57 years from when the Municipal Auditorium was down there, it'll always have that name to me.  Downtown has all kinds of strange cosplayers from Pensacon running around tonight and, frankly,  some of them should NOT be dressed (or semi-dressed) as they were.  Escaping THAT weirdness, I went looking for a cold adult beverage and found myself at Woodsie's for the first time in ages.  I got there before karaoke started and found it to be a nice quiet, friendly, place.  I think I'll be back.
Okay, gonna shut this down since I'm really getting a crick in my neck; I could feel an ear infection coming on so I sterted the ear drops I had left over from the last time and keeping my head tilted is tough.  Y'all take care, stay warm, ride safe, be good to one another and I'll seeya out there.  Namaste, y'all!
Yucky weather for riding so I'm Rambling here today.  After I finished the laundry this morning, I did take the scoot out, but on a mission instead of just pleasure riding.  One of my riding gloves was coming unsewn where I'd already repaired it once before and the velcro wrist closure wasn't holding the way I wanted so I decided to ride to Academy to pick up another pair.  As I was coming up Beverly Pkwy to Davis, I remembered a friend mentioning that a new Cycle Gear store was open on Davis so I turned right instead of left.  I'd seen the place a few weeks ago, and the sign said they'd be opening in March, so I figured the snuck a soft opening in.
They're still arranging stuff but they are open.  According to their catalog, they have over 100 stores in 34 states and they're open 7 days a week.  As I wandered around the store, they look to be fairly balanced between sport and cruiser stuff.  They carry a lot of stuff by "Bilt", a company I haven't heard of before but the prices seem to be pretty good.  The official grand opening is listed as March 17-19.
When I left there to continue to Academy, it seemed the sky had clouded up even more and the wind seemed to be picking up, so I didn't dilly-dally too long getting the gloves.  Besides, I HATE Davis Hwy traffic during business hours, so I headed straight home.  Still no rain, so I cut down a couple of small trees that'd been bugging me in the back yard.  Okay, that's about all the Ramble I've got in me for this session so take care,  ride safe, be good to one another and I'll seeya out there.  Namaste, y'all!
It's been a couple of weeks since the last update but I have a perfect excuse this time; I've been riding!  Not all the time of course but, certainly more than the past few months.  We've had an exceptionally mild winter to date but, now, we're in for a couple of days of here I am.  I've come to the realization that my cold tolerance is weakening as I get older and, as I look back, my lowest riding temperature has been rising about a degree and a half per year since I was about 55.  Today is TOO cold.
On my way back from Barrancas on the second anniversary of Mom's passing, I decided it was time to start getting some regular exercise again.  While I was caring for her, I'd been going to Pensacola Athletic Center for the Silver Sneakers Senior Fitness program but, as she declined and took more and more of my attention.  It'd been more than 2 1/2 years since I'd gone but on the way home, I stopped by to see if they still offered it.  Not only was it still offered, they told me the same instuctor was just starting back after recuperating from a broken hip, herself.  She's only doing it a few times a week while she comes back up to speed but, the couple of sessions last week and one so far this week that I've done tell me that she's still tougher than me.  She hopes to be back to five days a week soon and I'll probably go back to my M-W-F routine when she does.  Right now, though, my body is telling me I really needed it.
Thus ends The Coyote's obligatory update to the Ramblings and I'll finish getting dressed...warmly.  Come on, Spring.  Y'all take care, stay warm, ride safe, be good to one another and I'll seeya out there.  Don't forget the ABATE scavenger hunt on Saturday out of Eagle's Talon.  Namaste, y'all!
Getting better on the updates; only 10 days this time.  The weather did warm up for some decent riding and I've certainly been taking advantage of it.  Yesterday, Sean and I took a nice ride out Jack's Branch Road (which is GREAT now that the repaving is complete) and then, cut over on Molino Road instead of crossing the Perdido River so he woudn't have to put his helmet on.  Turns out there's a bridge renovation going on and we wound up riding some roads I'd never been on before and we came out at the intersection of Atmore Hwy and 29.  At that point, we stopped for a break because the wind gusts had been brutal the whole way, so we decided to cut the day short since it wasn't fun fighting that.
Heading back toward home, we stopped for some lunch at Jimmy's Grill, just south of Molino crossroad.  They have a good, down-home, menu and luckily for me, had liver and onions.  I realize a buncha folks don't like it but this is comfort food for me since Mom loved to cook it, and I haven't had any close to the quality of her's in years.  Well, Folks...this was almost identical to my memories.  Prior to this, the Family Diner on Pine Forest at I-10 had come closest, but this was spot-on!  Of course, now that I've praised it this much, it'll never be the same when I go back.
With some heavy weather expected this afternoon and evening, I went out  bit ago to ride over to the car show in Lillian, but the wind was just as gusty today, if not worse, so I'm back at the house now.  It's not too bad on the interstate, but 2-lane gusts are hairy on 2 lane roads.
Okay, gonna wrap it up for now and get something to eat so take care,  ride safe, be good to one another and I'll seeya out there.  Namaste, y'all!
You can blame the weather, both for the long time between updates AND for today's update!  The delay has been because the weather's been so rideable but it's rainy today so I've been doing maintenance on the scoot.  I finished that, but it's still kinda iffy out there, so here I am.  I'm on schedule to have nearly 12,000 miles on the bike by the time her one year mark gets here and I haven't even taken a road trip.  One of my regular rides is over to Foley to watch the progress of the Owa theme park  going up.  They are supposed to have a major roller coaster but I haven't seen any progress on it.  Since they are advertising an opening date in late May, you'd think it'd be going up by now.  I'll just keep on making that one of my regular rides and let you know.
I'm kinda ashamed to say that, with all the riding I have been doing, I found I've neglected my regular preventive maintenance on the bike... not even checking the tire pressure in a while.  I figger it's probably been at least three weeks so I was pleasantly surprised to find both tires were only down a couple of pounds from my target pressure.  I knoew I hadn't noticced any change in the ride but, sometimes, when stuff happens gradually, you don't notice it.  I also took are of little niggling things that I kept putting off in favor of riding, like adjusting my cup holder and moving my Army emblem on my handlebar bag.  You know, the kinda stuff you think about doing while you're riding, but never get around to when you can do it.
After juggling schedules, I finally got to take a lady friend for a ride yesterday and show her the Barber Marina dinosaurs and Bamahenge.  We woulda done more riding, but the wind was getting coolish and gusty, so we played it safe and cut it short, even though it never did rain until this morning.  There'll be other times. Speaking of the weather, I just pulled up the radar and it looks like the system has finished moving through for now, so I'm gonna finish this edition of The Ramblings and get ready to ride some more.  I would've been watching NASCAR from Bristol this afternoon, but the other end of this same system has rained them out until tomorrow.  'Til next time, take care,  ride safe, be good to one another and I'll seeya out there.  Namaste, y'all!
About beat myself to death this morning getting all the leaves in the backyard up before this storm hits in the morning.  Showered, rested up and then took advantage of Cap'n D's Wednesday senior special (dozen butterfly shrimp, fries, slaw hushpuppies AND drink for $4.99). Came home, watched the news and finally felt like riding.  Checked the radar..nothing...and the hour-by-hour was only 20% until later so I geared up and went out to the bike barn to open her up.  It felt like a little mist in the air but, big deal, it felt good (forgetting I live in my nice sheltering oak grove).
By the time I got to Lillian Hwy, the mist was more of a mizzle but, what the hell, I was rolling and it still felt good.  Half-way to New Warrington Rd, the mizzle became a full-fleged drizzle and the oncoming headlights was creating so much flare in the droplets on my glasses, I could barely see where to turn so I could get home.
Only when I pulled into my driveway did I realize how much the trees intercepted the light rain...dammit!  Okay, now I'm in for the night, and I just hope this system moves completely through before Ms Arlene's bike night tomorrow.  Namaste, y'all! 
...a little after 7 on a Sunday evening and I'm whupped!  Of course, it's been a few years since I've been out on a Thursday, Friday AND Saturday night bar hopping and getting to bed after midnight: it apparently has caught up with me.  All things considered, I suppose I can't complain.  Sean was off work on Friday and we were planning on riding over to Alabama to check progress on Owa and find some roads we hadn't ridden yet, but the wind was so brutal we just came back to the house and he made up the bill of materials for me to pick up from Lowe's to replace some rotted wood on the house.  Then he helped my with some stuff requiring 2 sets of hands before he headed back to his side of town.
On Saturday, the wind had died down enough that I took off for Foley and my inspection tour.  Another roller coaster pylon has gone up sincec my last look-see, and I could see some track sections stacked in a corner of the construction area.  Some more rides were being assembled and parking lots being paved.  The new projected opening date is now mid-July and I can see that is attainable.  I wonder what season passes will cost??
Leaving Foley, I went up 59 since the Beack Express going all the way to I-10 has cut traffic significantly and it was a much more enjoyable than in the past.  I ate lunch in Loxley and considered heading up 59 to US31 and heading over to Atmore and back down 97, but it seemed the further North I went, the more the wind was gusting.  Not needing a repeat of the previous day, I just hopped on I-10 East.  It only took me about 5 miles of idiots to start looking for the Beach Express exit.  From there, I dropped down to US90 and chilled my way back to Pensy.  In the meantime, I'd already taken 2 or 3 roads I'd never been on before but just after passing Baldwin 87, I remembered a road I've passed dozens of times and never explored, Greek Cemetary Rd.  It goes through some nice
farmland with cattle and forage crops and winds about 4 1/2 mile back to a locked gate.  A pleasant interlude, and mark another road ridden end-to-end.  I stopped at Ruby's for some liquid refreshment and was fortunate enough to hug some ladies I hadn't seen in quite a while, enhancing the experience.
Today was just some local riding, picking up some saddlebagable(aha, Google doesn't recognize the word I just invented) groceries and getting home in time for the Talladega race.  It was after that I was going to go out but discovered I was flat outa gas, so you got an updated Ramble, instead.  'Til next time then, take care, ride safe, be good to one another and I'll seeya out there.  Namaste, y'all!
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