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January 13 -  May 30 
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[What's Happening]
Dang, almost a month since we last Rambled!  Tons of stuff have happened but I just haven't slowed down long enough to sit here and chronical them.  Christmas was kinda tough, being the first since Mom passed, but Sean and I spent it together and since neither one of us felt much like cooking, we had our Christmas dinner at Chow Tyme, on 9th Avenue.  I'd never eaten there before, but that won't be the last time; they have an unbelievable selection and it was ALL good.  First time I ever had turkey, ham AND steak for Chritmas dinner and we totally pigged out.
Betsy and I finished the tat on the 29th, doing the final coloring and she had some lines she wanted to touch up...the woman is a perfectionist and I'm glad of it.  Unfortunately, a couple of those lines were around the sternum area so I had to go back on my promise to myself to never go through that again, but all is good now.  Sfter two weeks, it's almost completely healed and shouldn't be a factor for my next blood donation, due on the 20th of this month.  If my math is correct, this should make it one donation shy of 18 gallons.
On the scooter front, I've been riding almost every clear day, as well as on a few iffy ones when I lost at rain tag.  The really cold ones, I've passed on, but we've only gt a few more of those to contend with before it starts warming again.  Sometime after the first of the year, I lost my flag bracket from the back of the scoot and I don't know whether it was purloined by some scoundrel or it simply got blown off at high speed in the Interstate.  In any case, I just got through fabbing another one, making a few changes that I didn't like in my original design, and I WILL double check my attachment system periodically to avoid a repeat.  One lives and learns...hopefully.
Okay, that's it for right now and I will try to do better in the new year.  Still waiting on the new ride schedule so I can update the What's Happening page.  I'm gonna shut it down for now so y'all take care, ride safe, stay warm, and be good to one another.  Namaste, y'all!
What a beautiful day....and I didn't even ride! Morning was spent doing taxes and laundry, and then to the library to drop off a book I finished. I think this may be the first time in at least a decade that I didn't have at least ONE library book in the house. Then went to OneBlood to see if my iron had come up enough to donate...and it'd dropped (slightly) from last time. Finally, got home and at least thought of riding but decided, instead, to give Bossie a real bath...hose, blow dry, the works. In the middle, I realized that this was the first time I could remember washing a scoot without taking a smoke break in the middle....5 weeks and a day, today! Hooray, me!
I'm gonna shut it down for now so y'all take care, ride safe, stay warm, and be good to one another.  Namaste, y'all!
I was recently struck by a meme on Facebook, "There are plenty of fish in the sea. I just suck at fishing." and it got me to thinking (a dangerous endeavour)about myself, and I've come to some conclusions.  First, I'm not a fisherman and never really have been.  When I was younger, I enjoyed snorkling and watching fish, sometimes pursuing them, but not the actual catching them.  I hadn't really made the connection until I read this and realize that I enjoy being around the ladies, enjoying their company, but I'm really too selfish to get into a relationship.  Selfish with my time and selfish with my interests.
I wasn't always this way; I spent 27 years in two different marriages and pretty much devoted my time and energies to doing what I needed to do to make them work for my spouses and for the children.  Being a child of parents who went through the Great Depression and who was born during WWII, I was taught duty and responsibility and took it very seriously.  I made educational, career, and personal decisions based on what was best (I thought) for my family.  Could I have made better choices..possibly, but I made my decisions on what I was taught and believed. 
When my second marriage ended, I took on yet another set of responsibilities; caring for my mother, again making the best decisions I knew how to make.  Approaching the one year anniversary of Mom's passing, I realize I have spent that time rediscovering (or perhaps, discovering for the first time) who this Bud or Coyote really is.  I am still on this voyage of discovery and, as such, am somewhat self-absorbed to the point that I can't, or won't, invest the time and/or effort that a relationship with someone deserves.
All that drivel being said, I do enjoy the ladies' company and, if I invite you for a ride it means just that; that I enjoy your company or would like to know you better, as a friend...nothing more; I'm too old for games.  As far as all this goes, thank y'all for being my sounding board.  Sometimes things circle the brain until they make no sense at all, until I can organize them in some coherent fashion and this is MUCH cheaper than therapy. On another topic, today marks 6 weeks and one day smoke free.  Good Lord willin' and the creek don't rise, I'm gonna make it this time. 
Time to shut it down for now so y'all take care, ride safe, stay warm, be good to one another and I'll seeya out there.  Namaste, y'all!
Interesting observation...positive stress can induce some of the same symptoms as negative stress.  In this case, I'm encountering the strongest urge for a cigar as I've had in the 8 1/2 weeks since I've quit.  And what is causing this positive stress, you ask?  Well, I'm starting to make sense of the new Nextbook I just got since I was able to synch it to my desktop...AND I just got off the phone with #1 Son who's booked our suite at the Wyndham Ocean Walk on Daytona Beach for Biketoberfest...a mere 4 staggering blocks from Main Street.  My grandson passed his rider's course and is finishing up the rebuild on his (well, as soon as he finishes paying his dad for it) bike.  The Three Generation Ride to Daytona is on and no longer just a dream!
The other part of the positivity was from my doctor's appointment this afternoon, to go over the lab results.  The lungs are sounding clear and, once again, I've disgusted a physician by (disregarding arthritic joints and missing organs) being healthier that he is, at least by the numbers.  His order were, "whatever you're doing, keep doing it."  He wouldn't write me a prescription for Yuengling so my drug plan would pay for it, though.  I guess you can't have everything.
Gonna shut it down and get this posted and just maybe the wind will be calmed down enough tomorrow to enjoy riding.  Y'all take care, ride safe, stay warm, be good to one another and I'll seeya out there.  Namaste, y'all!
Two months and a week's so commonplace I actually had to look at the calendar to figure it out.  The only real urge I've notice since last time was last Saturday, on the anniversary of Mom's passing and, even then, it was more nostalgia than urge, remembering how she'd always ask for a drag on my cigar when we'd sit on the front porch.  As long as I don't get cocky about it, I think I've got it beat!
On the bike side of things, I have continued the tradition of dropping, at least once, every bike I've ever owned. My son was working on replacing some roof-rot on his mother's house so I rode over to Beach Haven to see him and Kenny, my husband-in-law.  I pulled into the driveway and was starting to back my scoot next to his when I hit one of those little twigs that act just like a roller bearing and my foot slipped.  As the center of gravity passed the point of no return, I pulled my leg free so I wouldn't get trapped and just rolled off as it settled onto the highway bars.  Two features of the scoot that I've just kinda ignored came into play: the bag protecter bar really does work to protect my saddle bag, AND the auto shut-off I'd read about somewhere came into play, shutting the engine down.  After giving me a hand up off the ground, Sean and Kenny helped me right the bike and we found NO marks other than a slight scratch in the chrome.  Hopefully, that is out of the way now so I won't drop it again.  All in all, I'm blessed that it happened at virtually zero speed, NOT in a traffic area, AND with two folks to help me get it up.  Life is good.
After everybody had a good laugh about it and we'd visited some, I took off to D&R for the Make A Wish ride.  I don't do the ride anymore but I went and paid the fee to support it anyway.  I did some visiting with with folks I only get to see once a year or so and then went riding by mself.  By this time, it was so warm, I bagged my jacket and just rode with my vest and it felt great...come on, Spring!!
Okay, that's enough Rambling for today and tomorrow's weather forecast is for an even warmer day.  Y'all take care, ride safe, be good to one another and I'll seeya out there.  Namaste!
THREE months plus a week smoke-free, AND nearly a week without the nicotine lozenges.  Can I call myself an ex-smoker yet?  I was yacking with Cool Hand at the HD bike night on Thursday while he was smoking his, and it smelled SO GOOD, but it didn't really tempt me to get one after I left, so that's a good sign.  I just have to keep reminding myself, "I AM AN ADDICT, and I can't have just one".
Sean and I have been getting some good rides in...if it's not raining when he's off work!  Yesterday, we did a nice Century-Baker-East Milton-Navarre loop, stopping off at Cricket's Hideout in Holley for some refreshment.  It was a beautiful day for riding after our spell of bad weather and a great way to spend my birthday.  I know, everybody keeps telling me "it's just a number", but 73 sounds like a rather large number.  I am blessed to be able to still be on 2 wheels, so I'd better shut up.
The house is very gradually becoming my own as I figure out what I like about it and what is just because Mom liked it that way.  The back room, Mom's TV room, is about ready to become my pool room,as soon as the right table comes on the radar (at the right price).  The lace sheers are gone from the windows and I'm almost ready to swap bedroom dressers. The list goes on and on.
I guess I could go on and on, as well, but this is as good a place as any for me to shut up and get on with things.  Y'all take care, ride safe, be good to one another and I'll seeya out there.  Namaste, y'all!
AHA...two in the same month!  Still a non-smoker but I had my frst serious cigar craving in a long time after I came out of Outback Steak House.  I didn't realize sirloin was a trigger, but now I know.  Speaking of triggers, I got the call on the pool table the very evening that the dining room table found its happy home.  If all goes well, I'll have my pool table in place this weekend.  I guess, in the grand scheme of things, my home has its own idea of how things are to be done.
The dressers are refurbished and in place in my bedroom now, albeit with some struggle on my part.  It seems I had NOT dropped the scoot for the last time in March since I did it again last my own driveway...and put a slight tear in my right bicep in the process.  It seems to be healing fairly well (for my age) as long as I don't do something (else) stupid, like moving heavy furniture by myself.  Oh well, I'm a stubborn cuss about a lot of things, I guess.
Okay, enough for now!  Y'all take care, ride safe, be good to one another and I'll seeya out there.  Namaste, y'all!
...a little more than 2 1/2 weeks since we last Rambled...not my WORST lapse!  I've been doing some riding...when it's not raining...but MOST of my time has been on the pool room or, "The Coyote's Den of Iniquity", as I've been calling it.  The room size is less than ideal but I've cut down a couple of sticks for those shots that won't allow a regular stick and all is good.  I've also put up an electronic dart board and I'm working on my game again.  It's been a LOONG time since Toad's Tavern!  The final addition for my games is a horseshoe pit in the back yard, which I was just working on this evening.  I'm not sure I'll be able to get up or walk tomorrow since this old bod has NOT been on its hands and knees setting bricks for the foul lines.  At least, they'll be easy to mow over since they're flush with the ground.
And just WHY am I going to all this trouble to put into my home what I can find at any bar in town?  Frankly, as many good folks as I've known at bars, there are nearly as many assholes.  To me, these games are for fun and relaxation and, all too often, these obnoxious people take all the fun out of it.  Besides, those of you who know what an introvert I can be will appreciate my being able to control my environment.  Besides the introversion, as I age, I'm finding my BS tolerance is dropping to near zero.
I hope everyone who went to Thunder Beach had a great time and have made it safely home; rallies are another activity I just don't enjoy anymore.  We're planning one last exception to that, though.  I pretty much swore off Daytona after 2002, but my son,grandson and I are planning a three-generation Biketoberfest trip this Fall.  No more tents and sleeping bags for me either...we have a condo booked, right on the beach, within walking distance of Main Street.
Okay, gonna shut it down for this session.  Y'all take care, ride safe, be good to one another and I'll seeya out there.  Namaste, y'all!
I wonder how many times in the 16 or so years I've kept this blog I've said "I HATE electricity!"?  Apparently, my auxillary light switch on the scoot will transmit the tiny current my ohmmeter puts out but will not pass the 6 amps my pothole lights need.  I fnally just replaced the pretty Chinese-made switch I found on-line with my original toggle and the hell with how it looks on the handlebar.  I'm probably the only person who ever notices it, anyway.
Did my annual flagpole wax job this morning, also, and I'm DONE with gotta-do's for the day.  When I get off here, I'm taking a ride and just hope I don't get wet.  That's it for now and I'm outa here!  Y'all take care, ride safe, be good to one another and I'll seeya out there.  Namaste, y'all!
After attending the annual Memorial Day ceremonies at The Wall South and then enjoying a poolside cookout with friends, I discovered I'm getting old.  By 4:30, I was feeling so washed out from the heat that I had to make my apologies and ride home to my air conditioning.  I managed to watch the first hundred laps or so of the Coca Cola 600 and then woke up with less than a hundred to go...a 200+ lap nap.  The funny thing is that riding that same amount of time doesn't wear me out anywhere like that so I guess the wind in my face really is good for me. 
On Saturday, I took a lady friend for some stress reduction therapy on the scoot and felt better afterward than when we started.  If you know the 112-87-90 loop, there are some fun twisties (for this area, anyway), and I hope she enjoyed it as much as I did.  We stopped at Ruby's for a cold libation and good conversation before heading back to Pensacola Harley where she spent a good amount of time "butt-testing" her dreams in the showroom.  I haven't known her long enough to get into the Harley/Metric discussions, particularly while in the House of Harley, but I hope she'll at least consider something smaller as a starter bike.
In my continuing conversion of Casa Coyote to my own vision, I've got so many things that need to be done that I've been using the "what bugs me the most" method of prioritizing projects.  It wasn't until this morning, when I was trying to once again prioritize did I realize it was really a throw-back to my two marriages and taking care of Mom, when my projects were what was bugging THEM.  In honor of that realization, I just decided that whatever's bugging me can wait...I have the rest of my life...and I'm going riding!
With that said, I'm gonna shut it down for this session.  Y'all take care, ride safe, be good to one another and I'll seeya out there.  Namaste, y'all!
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