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Well, life hasn't been quite as exciting as was depicted in my previous ramblings, but it sure has been nice.  Cleaning up the scoot after that adventure, I noticed the front tire was gonna need replacing before long (and I sure as hell didn't want to get caught in the rain like it was) so I started the year with fresh rubber.  I haven't been caught in any more than a little mizzle since then, but my comfort level has been much higher.  That little warm spell has meant 3 fill-ups since the new tire, so I'm glad I took the time then.
I wish I had some biker news or entertainment to pass on to you but all I can tell you is that I'm still smoke-free, the VA Doc says my meds seem to be working, and I'll get a raise on my Social Security next week.  All that's good news to me!  'Til next time, then, be good to one another and stay safe out there.
Wow, it isn't as bad as I thought it was...only 15 days!  Some of the excuse for the absence is cold riding days and nothing to report; some is other distractions.  You probably can't tell any difference from your side of the page, but my side looks a lot different with upgraded software.  It actually works a little better, too(for me, anyway).  I'd been putting off spending the money until I was forced to, and inputting this year's events from the annual planning meeting caused the old software to freeze up.  Too much stuff, I guess.  There are also some new bells and whistles I may try if I get adventurous.  In any case, the new 2009 schedule will go up this weekend.  As part of the complaints about too much stuff being scheduled at the same time, the new "Happenings" page will reflect those events which organizations bothered to present at the planning meeting with bold, italicized, underlined event titles, while those added later on will be not be.  This way, YOU have the opportunity to make some intelligent choices about which events to support.
Another, less altruistic, reason for my not being here is simply techno-fusion!  That means that prior to NASCAR starting the 2009 season, I've actually spent some money for a new TV...32" LCD flatscreen and 1000w speaker system.  I want to be ready to FEEL Daytona when the flag drops.  The problem keeping me off here, though, has been hooking the damn thing up and getting it working properly.  Do you realize how many wires, cables and TESLINKS(of all things) it takes?  I was almost ready to call my grandsons over to help me but pride prevailed and IT WORKS!
I've also been working on a 20+ year overdue project called "my yard".  I may actually be able to reclaim some of it from the azalea and camellia jungle it's become.  Unfortunately in the process, I accidently destroyed one of Mom's hybiscus's and new ones aren't that easy to find.  If you're looking, Flora Tree Gardens does have them, though.
Well, that's enough rambling for now.  Let's hope tonight's Nine Mile Sonic has more people at it than the 3 last month.  Y'all take care and ride safe.
Fooled ya..only 3 days!  I decided if I didn't get this down, something would come up and I'd just forget all about it. had happened too often in the past.  After I got back from grocery shopping, it was just too nice out NOT to ride, so I did the clock-wisebeach run.  For me, that's out Perdido Key to Gulf Shores, Foley and then back via 98.  Now I know I'm sometimes not too observant, but WHEN did the Loose Moose close?  According to the guys at Gulf Coast Choppers, it's been several years.
After back-roading around Foley, I made another stop at H&D Cycles in Lillian.  Now, I KNEW it's only been a few weeks since I stopped there, but his whole shop area is now showroom and the old auto repair shop next door is scooter shop.  Don reassured me that I wasn't losing it (too badly) c'ause he's been working his butt off for the past three weeks to accomplish it.  When he showed me around the new shop, I got another surprise.  George, formerly of Pine Forest Cycles, was wrenching in there and says he's enjoying the hell out of it.  So now, anybody who's missed him knows where to go.
In the course of this running around, I found two more bike nights to take the place of the lost Loose Moose: the Hangout on Tuesdays and YA Ya's on Wednesdays.  I'd appreciate folks who are out and about checking on some of the others I have listed and keep me up to date on them.  That's it for now.  It was a Spring day in Winter and I'm glad.  Y'all ride safe now y'hear!
I haven't reported much of anything as there hasn't been much of anything to report.  I have been riding out and about but not getting too far from home.  Mom'll be 90 in April, and she's deteriorating before my eyes so I try to keep a close eye on her and TRY to keep her from everdoing.  Not easy with a child of the depression AND a Marine DI's widow.  I should be so tough if and when I reach that age!
I've been e-mailing with a guy who works at Eglin to get another OEM VTX1300R exhaust system
and yesterday was final meet day.  I was to meet him at Renegade Classics around 10 or 11, over in Gulf Breeze, as a half-way spot.  He e-mailed me his cell # and said to call him before I left.  Okay, sweat!  I get ready to leave yesterday and call the number...which goes straight to a voice mailbox.  Four more times I try, before I left AND after I got there, with no answer.  I guess he doesn't want to sell.
Today's grand plan (HA!) was to go to the ABATE Bike Show at P'cola Beach, and then to the Chapter birthday party tonight.  That plan has been spoiled by some kind of bug, and the only traveling I've been doing is between my recliner and the throne, with no real preferance as to which end is using it.  I guess that's as delicate as I can put it.
Maybe when this weather passes and takes this bug with it, I'll seeya on the road.  Ride safely and watch out for one another.
Despite some really nice days, I've done less than 100 miles since my last ramble.  In fact, I went a whole week without riding...something I haven't done since, probably, my wreck almost 8 years ago.  First, the bug I mentioned last time stayed longer than I thought it would, meandered away, and then, returned with a vengeance.  I guess it didn't like being ignored.  Then, when I started feeling almpst human, it struck Mom.  Unfortunately, she can't move as fast as me, so I've been doing a lot of cleaning and laundry around the house.
We thought we had it sorta under control, but we spent last night in the emergency room at Baptist.  That's something ELSE I haven't done since that aforementioned bike wreck.  With some judicious use of drugs and iv's, we were able to get us home in the wee hours of the morning.  As I told her on the ride home, I love her dearly but this wasn't my idea of a fun way to spend a Mardi Gras Saturday night with a lady.  Luckily, she'd regained enough of her sense of humor to agree that we won't do THAT again.  I hope and pray she's right!
Y'all ride safe and enjoy the parties while you can; I'm gonna try and nap now and then.
Mom's pretty much back to normal...but normal for someone much younger than nearly 90.  I haven't been anywhere in particular, but I've made up for that lack of riding from last time by riding somewhere almost every day.  I even made it to Pensacola Beach on Thursday night for Renegade's bike night at Bamboo Willie's.  It seemed like they were mostly in Hooters, though.  After that, it was back to MY county for PMS.  We only had a few bikes here, but Friday night was a little better.
I suppose a lot of folks have already set out for Daytona, so this coming week will probably be a little slow all around...but that's probably also a function of the economy.  As for me, I'm still keeping relatively close to home to keep an eye on things...and probably will for the foreseeable future.  Y'all ride safe and take care.
Sorry, Bob, I guess I lied to you last night at PMS; I really did think I'd updated since the 28th.  Go back to sleep since this is stuff we talked about then.  For the rest of you, Spring has sprung!  The first part of the week was taking Mom to doctors, housekeeping and other assorted BS but Wednesday was ride day!  At the time, we knew the beach road was supposed to open sometime this week but no one was saying when, so I took a ride over to Navarre.  By the time I got to the fence for the still not opened road, I was almost relieved. Althought the temperature was great for riding, the wind was horrendous and I would have been sand-blasted had the road been open.  I still did about a hundred miles that day, and about another hundred since. I might even do a tank or two today since Mom seems right perky (for a 90-year-old).
My other major occurance since last time is the refinishing of my trunk, tour-pak, or whatever you want to call that thing with the passenger back rest behind me.  If you're a long-time reader, you may remember I got it el-cheapo on E-Bay and rattle-canned the paint myself.  Well, I was finally tired of my crappy job but I couldn't find another bag I liked for less than $500.  I was telling Rodney at Victory about it and he made me an offer I couldn't refuse.  Since he was stripping all my old paint off, I also decided to replace the old reflective tape on the rear with DOT tape.  Damn, that thing is BRIGHT now!  I've gotta let the paint cure for a while yet before getting the final imperfections out, but I'm very happy with the job.
Well, that's enough rambling for now; I hear the road calling my name.  Maybe I'll seeya out there but, if I don't, take care and ride safe!
Thanks to some really nice weather before this little rainy spell, I've gotten in a couple hundred miles last week....and that was just starting on Tuesday.  Last Sunday morning, I was going to try and get some miles in before the Atlanta NASCAR race but when I checked my tire pressure, the rear was down almost 10 pounds.  Damn!  Now, I love my swoopy rear fender on my VTX, but it makes looking for foreign objects in the tread a tad troublesome.  I finally found the little hex-head and had this marvelously STUPID idea.
Some time ago, I got concerned about my back-roading and got a tire-plugging kit for emergency use.  I'd never had a chance to use it and here was the perfect opportunity, since I was right in the bike barn and it was only a couple of miles ride to Pensacola Motorsports, when they opened on Tuesday.  (Ever notice that shit like this always seems to happen when shops will be closed for a couple of days?)  To make a long, sweaty, story somewhat shorter, there's no way in hell I'd probably ever be able to successfully plug a tire on the side of the road since I couldn't do it at home under GOOD conditions.  I was finally able to get the plug in, but there was still a small leak which took until Tuesday morning to lose only 5 pounds of pressure.  I bumped it up to 40 pounds and didn't lose any getting to the shop, which took me in immediately and got me out.  I love the mandated warning they give you though; ride cautiously for 100 miles, before doing any aggressive driving.  For me, I guess that means dragging a floorboard.  Besides, I guestimated this was something like the 40 or 50th tire I've replaced.
By Wednesday, I'd long passed that mark and was making up for lost riding time.  In my running around, I'd heard that Ben at Ben's Motorcycles on Avalon was going to retire so I popped up there.  The rumor is wrong!  Due to an outrageous lease increase, he's going to leave his current location but he's looking at a spot in the Pea Ridge area.  The deal isn't engraved in stone yet, but I'll let you know the particulars when they are.  Victory is going to have the factory demo truck that was at Daytona here next weekend(27&28), so be sure to check them out, and keep checking the "What's Happening" page for more pop-up events as I find them out.
'Til next time, don't take any screws out of your tires until you're ready to replace it and ride safe!
Now, THIS is the riding weather I've been looking for!  Of course, this same weather has had me putting 36 30-gallon bags of leaves out buy the street, with about that much more to go.  Luckily, there's an organic gardener in the area who likes my oak leaves and picks up the bags almost as fast as I can get them out there.
When I haven't been leaf-gathering though, I have been riding a lot.  No more screws in the tire, either!  Most of it has been back-roading, with a little interstate thrown in for sheer speed, but it's ALL been enjoyable.  Friday evening, before heading out to PMS, I took it downtown to Gallery Night.  To me, the attraction isn't the artwork so much as it is the variety of live music available.  Not all is great, but I usually find enough good music to make it worthwhile.  Besides, I love to annoy the cagers looking for parking when I can pull into those tiny spots they can't use!
On Saturday, I meandered about (sorta like rambling, but different) and wound up at the car and bike show at the fairgrounds.  I think half the people I know were out there, as well.  After voting for my favorite scoot in the various categories, I wandered the area..possibly the largest area of show cars and vendors I've ever been to (I've led a sheltered life, y'know!).  There wasn't a lot of stuff for bikes until I was almost through, and came upon a Mustang parts gut who also sold Amsoil.  He had my 10w-40 for only $8 a quart, so I found out I CAN carry a case of oil, securely, on the back of my bike.
Well, that's enough for now since I think I talked with about half of y'all this weekend, anyway.  Take care and ride safe 'til next time.
...completely opposite to what I started this with LAST time, this is weather I could do without!  The temperature is okay, but 6 days with rain totalling over 6.5" since then is leaving me kinda wrinkled and the yard rather unkempt...and I'm not even including the oak pollen!  In between storms, though, the riding has been good.
The project of the week is one you can't see when you spot me riding.  When I first got my cheapo tour-pak, I lined it with black felt to first, cover the blank plastic and second, to make the interior a litle more cargo-friendly.  Since Rodney's nice refinishing of the outside, I've been a tad dissatisfied with the inside.  That has now been corrected with another rainy-day project.  I found I nice auto carpeting material at WallyWorld made from recycled soda bottled and now the box's interior is green, although it still looks black. (See what happens when you get old and addled and don't get enough sleep.)
Finally, some of you have mentioned that my Happenings page doesn't go to the end of the year.  As I've explained when braced in person, we simply had more scheduled events from the planning meeting than my software could handle on one page so, as we drop them off at the beginning, I would add them at the end.  Unfortunately, or fortunately from another standpoint, we are experiencing another round of "pop-up events" and I'm having a problem getting them all in.  For those of you with a fatal curiosity (remember the cat?), I'm working on a fix but you'll have to find it.
Enough coffee smells like it's ready.  when it DOES stop raining, y'all ride safe and be good to one another.
Looking at the last entry, I noticed something strange; it was my birthday and I didn't mention it.  I don't really recall this birthday being any more stressful than any others(well, except 40...Dad had just died and I was going through my first divorce and I was 40!)  At PMS tonight, celebrating Deana's and Muff's birthdays, I remember mentioning it was also mine last week, with no mental twinges.  Oh well, maybe I'm just losing my marbles.  Heaven knows I'm losing my memory!  By the way, for those of you who HAVE to know, the number is 66.
I was about to write something about where I'd been riding but, except for today, I'm drawing a blank.  That's really strange since I noticed going through 3 tanks of gas since last time, so I must have been somewhere.  Maybe that's what they mean when they say it isn't the destination, but rather, the journey that matters.  Wow, now you really know why this is called Coyote's Ramblings.  I think I'm gonna leave it at that for now and come back later, after some sleep.  'Night, y'all! 
Okay, back after a good 8 hours sleep and I can't think of a thing except getting geared up and riding.  Maybe that's it; I've been going the same places and seeing the same things so nothing is really registering.  I need a new road.  If I find it, I'll let you know  In the meantime, ride safe and remember, if I didn't wave to you on the road it wasn't because I was ignoring you; you just weren't a hazard and I wasn't looking for you.
Well, it wasn't a NEW road, but at least it was one I hadn't been on in a long time.  Around here, I suppose that's all I can hope for.  The Sunday morning after my last entry, I headed out Perdido Key way and wound up on Ft Morgan Road.  Okay, does somebody want to clue me in as to when that 20+ mile stretch of really crappy asphalt was widened and repaved?  It's now one of the nicest stretches of road around.  I was seriously thinking of taking the ferry to Dauphin Island and riding the long way home but the whitecaps I saw out in the bay made me decide I didn't want to have to remove all that salt spray from the scoot, later.
Since then, I've ridden almost every ridable day but mostly kept close to home.  The main reason is that Mom is slowing down noticably, day by day.  I guess, at 90, that's to be expected but I still don't want to leave here alone too long.  I did take her to dinner at Fisherman's Corner for her birthday and finally got her have a beer at PMS.  She just loves it when people tell her she just CAN'T be 90!
I was going to make a nice beach loop today, stopping by Renegade Classics on the way to Navarre and then hopefully, get some good beach photos to send to some of my Northern Brothers to harass them.  For some reason, the bike died at a light near Tiger Point and when I hit the starter button, all I got was a uh! (There's really no way to make that sick sound, but you'd know it if you heard it...more than a click but less than a whirrrr).  The light was getting ready to change and traffic was building behind me so I hit it again for another anemic grunt.  Damn, I'm starting to sweat (it WAS about 85) and look for a wide spot to pull over when one more push cranked her over.  Phew!
Strange, that'd never happened before but, as I was approaching to turn back to Renegade, I glanced at my odometer and saw it was a whole lot less than I expected it to be.  In fact, it looked like only since my stall.  I pushed the button to odo B, and it was the same mileage.  Now, I use A for my gas and B for my daily mileage, so I suddenly realized that my power had dropped enough to reset both.  No way was I gonna take a chance on not restarting so I continues on my merry way to Navarre, back down the beach (damn, there were a lot of bikini's out there), and straight back to Pensacola Motorsports.  They were amazed that I've already gotten over 35K miles and 41 months on the original battery.  I now have the new one on my charger and I'll probably go chnage it out when it gets a little cooler.
In the meantime, y'all ride safe, don't drink too much at Holt,and I'll seeya on the road.  Take care, y'hear!
This is just a short one to wrap up the month.  DO NOT expect to see Emerald Coast Bikefest included on this website for next year.  After assuring a bunch of folks around here that the "no colors" policy had finally been done away with, they reneged at the last fact, according to my reliable source, there were deputies everywhere including shutting down the pole dancing.  Adios, ECB; may you rest in peace.  I don't take kindly to being lied to.