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I find that it's usually pretty hard to write about stuff that you're not really that concerned with when you have a bunch of other things on your mind.  Well, I'm hoping all that stuff has cleared now and I can give you poor folks with no life something new to read about.
Just to let you know what all the crap has been, Kevin, my middle son, who crashed his bike about 2 1/2 years ago, has had multiple surgeries trying to save his leg.  Last week, he had the leg amputated so he can be fitted with a prosthesis and get on with his life.  Brian, my youngest, has finally given up on the teaching profession and is now probably the most highly educated dispatcher at a concrete company, and having to fight a lot less bureaucracy for a lot more money.
With a lot of that load lifted from my mind, as well as that delicious cold front moving through on the weekend, I've put about 450 miles on the scoot in the last 4 days.  Since I've started wearing a helmet again a couple of weeks ago, I've been over in Alabama more than ever.  If you want a nice, twisty, ride go west on US90 to Elsanor, Alabama and then north on Baldwin County 87.   When you get to Baldwin County 112, go east and it will take you back to Muscogee Road and Cantonment.  I wouldn't try it near sundown though, 'cause it looks like a real critter-laden area.  I have a hunch all the deer stands I saw would bear that out
Start making your weekend plans now, as there is all kind of runs and stuff going on this weekend, as well as the ABATE meeting on Sunday.  Y'all take care and I'll probably see you on the road.
I think the time has finally come for me to quit complaining about the heat. ; Saturday morning, we rode over to Gulf Shores for the Shrimp Fest and hung around until the crowds got too thick, and then rode over to P'cola Beach to the bike show at the Paradise.  Nice turnout there, and great riding all day!  Of course, with the Lowe's race on Saturday night, I packed it in for the evening.
On Sunday morning, it was almost cool enough for long sleeves...but not quite...and we knew it would warm up.  After the ABATE meeting, a bunch of us rode up US29 to get our picture taken under the motorcycle safety billboard in Molino.  I understand there's another one on I-10, but I really don't think that one would have been conducive to picture-taking.  After that, about half split off to ride south to Fat Boys and the rest of us rode north to Crow's bar in Flomaton.  It's been years since I'd been there, so I was glad Doc Fish was leading us in.  It isn't the easiest place to find!
After a while, I figured it was too nice a day to hang around inside, so I split and just back-roaded it home.  You of those "I wonder where this road goes?" days, and just watch the gas (and tractors).  By the time I did get home,  I just crashed in my recliner to relish a really good day.  I just wish I hadn't fallen asleep watching TV.
Enough for now; I just got through mowing the lawn, and it's time to ride!  Y'all ride safe and I'll catch you on the road.
Okay, I'm done complaining about the heat, at least 'til it gets hot again!  This past weekend was some of the best riding weather this year.  On Saturday, we took a ride into the north end of Escambia County, mainly trying to stay on back roads, away from traffic.  I don't have a local map with all the county roads, so I'm not quite sure where we were at all times, but it got really strange around Walnut Hill.
We were on Atmore Highway, headed north, and took a left through lots of cotton fields.  I wasn't paying much attention to time or miles and, since the sun was directly overhead, direction as well.  It seemed like quite a long time of back-country riding and, all of a sudden< we were back at Atmore Highway...only a half mile from where we left it.  I still don't know how we made a big loop!
Sunday was another great day, but I didn't get going until late in the afternoon since NASCAR was holding my attention until then.  Even so, it was still quite pleasant, even after the sun went down.  I didn't even need to drag the sweatshirt of of my bag.  This morning, however, was an entirely different situation.  Leather-time is back!  Even though the leather made the riding comfortable, the unrelenting wind is what drove me back home in only about 20 miles.  It's just too much work to keep it in my own lane.
That's it for now.  y'all stay safe and I'll seeya on the road.
I've been on-line, looking at all kinds of map sites, and I still couldn't tell you what route we followed on Saturday.  I guess they just don't have the detailed scale to get down to some of the roads we traveled.  On the plus side, yesterday wasn't nearly as windy as it was Monday, so I spent more time riding.
If any of you have been travelling Mobile Highway, at The Circle, you may have noticed a lot of remodelling and paving at the old Martine's site.  Guess what,'s another motorcycle dealership in town!  It's the "other" American big twin in town, Stokes Victory/Polaris.  They'll be handling 2 and 4-wheelers and I'm sure there's a bunch of folks who'll be glad the won't have to go all the way to Freeport or Tally for service anymore.
I spoke with Mr. Stokes and, IF all their permits come through... finally, they're going to try to have a soft opening on Tuesday, 11/1.  If you're out and about though, stop in and welcome them to town.
...and a happy Halloween to you all!  I've just spent hours rebuilding this page and I'm getting a little cross-eyed.  There were a bunch of glitches on the old page and I was making it worse trying to correct, so I just started over.  I think also that I'm going to drop the "Links" and "Biker Friendly" pages, for lack of interest...both on my part and, apparently, your's as well.
Checking in on Stokes' Victory this weekend, it looks like they might not be ready before Saturday, 11/ least officially.  I didn't get a chance to drop by today, but I didn't see any vehicles there the couple of times I did pass, so maybe they took today off.
Okay, not much going on here but, at least, it's been great riding weather.  Now, watch it rain!
If I can just keep my nerve together one more day, you'll be seeing the Ol' Coyote on new wheels right next week, sometime.  It should last me for the rest of my two-wheel riding days and does away with some of my pet peeves: chain maintenance, multiple carbs and air-cooling in this climate in the Summer.  Maybe I'll just let you figure out what it is...besides a Honda.
The next thing would be what to do with "Old Faithful"?  She's only got about 12K miles on a totally rebuilt, over-bored engine.  Besides the original Honda Line bags and Vetter Windjammer fairing, I've got a spare fairing and bunches of other spare parts.  I'm checking with my eldest son first, but any ideas?
The verdict is in; Sean doesn't want the scoot, so she's going to be up for adoption.  I say that because I love that ol' bike too much to let her go to someone who'd just trash her.  Also, it's gonna be a package deal, with a bunch of the maintenance and repair stuff that goes with her.. Since some things, like master cylinder rebuild kits, ignition switches and other stuff is getting harder and harder to find for that 1980 model, when I DID find it, I'd stockpile it.  I'm not even really certain what all I do have. I know I have 2 cases of oil and at least 4 oil filters that will go.  I've just got to inventory what I have before I even set a price.
Yup, as of Friday afternoon, the bags and windshield hadn't come in and PMS is closed on Mondays, so it'll be at least Tuesday or, probably, Wednesday before I pick up the new scoot.  That's okay, though; I'm putting enough miles on the old CB to make up for it.  Saturday, I was running around dropping off ride fliers for the ABATE Toy Run in December and put a few miles in.  One of the stops was the new Victory dealership on Mobile highway, and I ran into a bunch of you there.  They tried to get me to take a test ride but I declined.  I'm not sure whether it was really because I didn't want to any advertising for them, or weather I'd have wanted to save up for a while longer instead of getting the VTX now.
Enough for now; Carl Edwards won at Texas and Victory Lane will be on Speedvision in a little bit.  Y'all take care and I'll keep you updated.
If I haven't been's because I've been there! Riding the new scoot, that is.  I picked it up about 49 hours ago and I've got around 250 miles on it.  I know, that's not much for me, but I'm taking some time getting used to the heel-toe shifter and just where to shift..up AND down...on a v-twin.  It ain't no in-line 4...fer sure.
Did my first reserve test today, too; ran out at 156 miles and when I filled up 3 miles later, it took 3.8 gallons, just like the owner's manual said it would.   Cool!  I don't really think I'm gonna get a whole gallon once I'm on reserve, though.  Heck though, the 41 mpg I got on this tank is still better than the ol' CB750, and this isn't even broken in, yet.
I'll be heading out to Fat Boys in a while but, right now, I think I'm going to see what I can do about holes in my old vest.  Catch y'all later.  Ride safe now. y'hear!
Okay, up to 416 miles and I lost my first game of rain-tag on the new bike today.  The heel-toe shifting and judging engine speed is getting better, though, and I'm getting a lot more comfortable.  This morning, I adjusted the bars slightly higher so the levers don't hit me in the leg on a full-lock turn.  The turning radius on this scoot is a little wider than the 750, so I need all the help I can get.
The highway bars should be in sometime this week, and I just ordered the Priority Lite to convert the rear turn signals to running/brake lights, as well.  I'll feel much better with the additional rear lighting.  That's it for now.  Take care and I'll seeya on the road.
Tuesday morning, I got up and noticed they were forcasting nasty weather later in the day, so I took the scoot on a 200-mile run to finish the initial 600 mile break-in, and dropped it off at the dealership for service,  Heck, if the weather was going to be too nasty to ride, I might as well accomplish SOMETHING with the time!
While I was waiting for them to finish, my freeway bars arrived via FedEx from San Diego.  Funny, you'd think with a FedEx office right here in town, they'd be delivered from here but, noooooo...they were delivered from Crestview!   At 7:04PM, to be exact.  I also got in my Priority Lite system, too, but I'm waiting for my shop manual (with wiring diagram) to arrive before I start cutting and splicing wires on a new motorcycle.  I sure as hell don't want to screw up something under warranty.
I really should have cleaned up the area around my lift, over in my son's garage, but I got impatient and put the bars on right here.  Geez, I'm getting too old for some of those contortions, working on the ground.  If it isn't too awfully cold tomorrow evening, you can see my work at Fat Boys. 'Til then, ride safe.
Okay, he's back to his old tricks of over a week (slightly) between entries.  Of course, the excuse is I now have over 1050 miles on the new scoot.  The shop manual came in and when I opened her up to install the Priority Lite box...there wasn't room for it under the seat.  This thing is CRAMMED, so I now have a brand-new one for sale...  I went to Doc's and picked up a Kuryakyn similar system which cost more but is a lot smaller; once I got that one installed, I found out it was faulty.  Of course, it took a day and a half of e-mailing back and forth with Kuryakyn tech support for him to agree I knew what I was doing and agree to an exchange.  Cheeez!
Anywho, I've been riding a bunch and enjoying the hell out of it. If I don't get off the road and remind you again before then, don't forget the ABATE Toy Run next Sunday at Hadji Temple.  Maybe it won't rain like it did last year.  Ciao, y'all; I'm going riding!
Man, there couldn't have been a nicer day for the Toy Run than Sunday... particularly compared with last year's cold, wet one.  Today, though, looks like it's gonna ber a cold'n.  Sunny, fer sure...but cold.
It took a whole week for the new Kuryakyn unit to come in so I was pretty anxious to get it installed.  Of course it didn't take nearly as long as the first one (since we'd already trouble-shot the old one and knew my wiring was right) just plug it in and...THE SAME DAMNED THING!  Whatcha want to bet the whole production run has the same defect?  I'm tired of messing with it at this point and at least it DOES give me running lights, which is all I was looking for in the first place.
Oh well, don't freeze riding in this glorious sunshine.  I'll catch ya on the road.
...a tad chilly, but otherwise, great riding weather!  I've finally found the right luggage rack and tourpack I want, but it's going to be nearly Christmas before they get here.  I guess FedEx and UPS are a little jammed right now.  If you want to look at some nice, affordable, hard bags, they're at (or something like that).
I don't think I'm gonna be at Fat Boys tomorrow night, if the Weather Channel is anywhere right.  At least though, I think the weekend will be good to ride.  Not much happening...except the I'm gonna close this thing for now.  Y'all take care, because the Christmas shoppers are in Kamikazi mode.  If I don't back on before, remember the ABATE meeting is next Sunday, the 18th.
Okay, we'll change that timetable a little bit; I just found out that the luggage rack is back-ordered until the 23d so, just maybe, I'll get it this year...if I'm lucky.  I've also about figured out how I'm mounting the auxilliary lights, but I'm not sure where I'm putting the switch.  You may have also noticed a certain lack of commentary on tunes for this bike, lately.  I really don't think I'm going to put any on it.  One, I haven't found any that I really like, and two, I really like the sound of the bike alone.
It looks like it's going to be a nasty weekend, rain-wise, and I feel bad for Doc Fish.  He's having his customer appreciation day on Saturday and I think it's gonna be a frog-choker.  You can voluntarily ride in the rain if you want to but since I have both two and four-wheeled conveyances, I'll stay dry!  Maybe it will be dry Friday night and I'll see you out and about.
Christmas week and it's appropriately chilly although it is suposed to warm up little for the weekend with the possibility of showers.  Since that's four days out, it could (and probably will) change several times before it happens. 
The tourpack arrived on Monday, just before I got home from tracking down some 1/4 inch heat-shrink tubing for the wiring of the auxilliary lights.  There were only a few glitches in that process, but I did learn more than I set out to about MR-16 bases.  First, if you do happen to pull the wire out of the base(which is quite easy to do), there ARE no replacement bases for sale around here!  Second, though, you don't have to replace it; they use a spring-clamp, and you just push the wire back in.  I wish I had figured that out a lot sooner and used less gas running all over town looking for one.
Happy New Year, everyone.  As some of you undoubtably know, I'm a tad out of synch with the rest of the world, but today is the changing of the year for me.  At 12:35, local time, the days start getting longer, so I celebrate the Solstice as the true beginning of the year.  Calendars are just handy politico-commercial devices, anyway.  Blessings upon you...and ride safe.
Thought you might like to know how the ride yesterday went with this from Ray Fagan, one of the organizers:

"Stagecoach IX sets new records
With a beautiful blue sky and seventy degree weather, this year's Stagecoach Ride-In set a new attendance record of 580 hungry riders.

Doug Graves rode his Goldwing 1500 an arduous 3,050 miles from Camas, Washington to nab his third Stagecoach Long Distance Award.

The First Annual Corky Reed Memorial Stagecoach 500 was a hit.  Fifty-four riders qualified by riding more than 500 miles in the thirty-six hours before the event.  We would like to especially recognize the nineteen Northwest Florida HOG riders who rode the 500+ miles as a group.  It's quite a challenge to get that many riders in and out of gas stations and bathrooms.  Our helmets are off to Larry Nelson and his crew for managing the logistics to make this ride happen.  Impressive effort, gang.

Seventy-six year young, Hank Hayes of Pensacola, FL won the "Oldest Rider" award. Steve Pearce of Foley, AL thundered away with the "Oldest Bike" award aboard his 1980 Harley FLH."

...and yes, folks, it was a gorgeous riding day.  I wish you all a happy and safe new year and be careful tonight if you're gonna party.