The Coyote's Ramblings - 2005B
April - June
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Another birthday on Saturday...this was 62...and the old body is wearing out.  One way of looking at it is another hole in my head, but this tooth left reluctantly.  I must admit that my dentist did a great job of getting it out with as little trauma as possible (she's such a softy) but, now that the anesthetic is wearing off, I'm feeling a little less than spry.  It's gonna be a softer diet for a few days until I get my newly-expanded partial back, too.
Some time later, but I've had some broth and some ice cream and am feeling a little better.  The numbness is all gone but the tylenol is adequate.  I don't even taste blood any more.  I just hope I feel well enough tomorrow to do some riding.  It's supposed to rain, but I sure hope it isn't as bad as last week.  Well, enough for now.  I'll let you know how the new teeth fit later....
The new teeth didn't!  I had to be the tough biker and figured the pain would go away if I ignored it long enough...but it didn't   It seems I created an ulcer on my gum instead of contacting my dentist immediately to get the partial adjusted.  Oh well, this stuff I have to treat it with really tasted bad, though.(and I've got another 10 or 15 minutes before I can drink my coffee, too)
On the plus side, I have been riding almost every day although it's been something of a shock to put over $7 worth of gas in my tank.  Heck, I can remember when $5 created that same feeling.  When I first started riding in 1962, a buck would pretty much do the job!
Huh...I guess it really has been that long...   Let's see, then...bunches of miles on the scoot since  last time.  Last Saturday alone was about 300 miles and, unfortunately it was a very sunny day and I forgot my usual.  This time though, the expression "it's no skin off my nose" is not applicable!  I haven't had that bad a sunburn in ages, and its just now starting to look like something other than leprosy.  The trip was good, though, and I actually got to ride some roads I'd never been on before, over near Ponce de Leon.
I'd been considering staying over in Panama City Beach for Thunder Beach, but I've discovered there are no rooms available.  Even if there were, PCB has gone Daytona on us.  Places that were only $79 or $89 last year are running over $159 this year, and $259 isn't unusual...if there were any vacancies.  I just can't see my sleeping in a tent anymore; this old body just wouldn't be able to get up in the morning even if I could get some sleep.
Emerald Coast Bikefest is in Holt is this weekend and I hope it doesn't get too wet tonight and tomorrow.  I've been watching the Weather Channel and it looks real red over there.  I'm cerrtain there are some drenched vendors setting up.  By time I go on Saturday, though, it should be better, if cooler.
Well, time to cut it down for the night and MAYBE get this uploaded to y'all.  Take care and I'll see you on the road.
More rumbling outside, and I'm REALLY glad I'm not out camping at one of the rallys!  Holt was bad enough from what I saw when I got there Saturday morning...trucks stuck in mud, front-end loaders bringing in dry dirt for fill, soggy campsites.  That's why I decided to take in Thunder Beach on Friday instead of today.  My real question for myself now is "WHY"?
I don't really think I'm turning into a stick-in-the-mud (although I could be wrong), but I keep mentally kicking myself after I waste the time and effort (and dollars, as far as Holt was concerned) to go to one of these things.  Heck, even my last trip to Biketoberfest wasn't all that good,  with the crowds, drunk idiots who should never have been on scoots and the money-grubbers ripping us all off.  Actually, the best part of Thunder Beach was the ride over there.  I definately could have done without coming back home in Friday evening traffic...ugh!
Maybe I am turning into a cynical old fart...or maybe I've just seen it all; I don't know.  I just think in the  future, I should leave all the rally stuff to the newbies and I'll just hang with my buds.  Actually, Doc Fish's Summer weekend bash at the Shrine Temple kinda suits me best.  Maybe I'l seeya there.
Hot, hot, hot...!  That's the price of living in Paradise, I guess.  I've been real diligent about the sunscreen on my face, though, more burns.  Apparently, it has some kind of moisturizer in it, too, as my face isn't as dry after riding.  Reading the label is kind of interesting:  "Retains SPF after 80 minutes in water or perspiring"  comes right before, "Rinse with water to remove".  Okay, guys, which is it?
I got the valves adjusted and the carbs synched last week, and she's running like a champ.  Even put a fresh coat of paint on the tank to take care of the scratches.  Geez, I love Krylon!  On Sunday, I took a ride over to Pensacola Beach to check it out.  Friends, if they decide to go through with the Blue Angel show in July....they're out of their collective freakin' minds!  With what little early-May crowd they had, it was tough getting around and there SURE won't be adequate parking by July.   ...and you have to walk through sand to get a beer at the Dock (or at least, the beer stand on the once-boardwalk side}.
Let's everybody be real careful riding out there; watch your speed and be especially careful at intersections.  The cagers are positively insane!
Well, one lousy day after the last entry, I go out and dump the scoot in loose gravel!  I still have a touch of a limp, but the bike's back in shape.  Today, I finally repainted the tank where the gas poured out before I got her back up.  The hardest part has been getting the highway pegs back exactly where I want them.  I think I'm off about 5 degrees, but maybe I'll get used to it.
It was a real low-speed dump when the front wheel dug about 6 inches into the gravel, pulling off into the new park area they're working on at the foot of the bay bridge.  Luckily, there was a nice guy feeding sea gulls with his little daughter who came over and helped me get her upright again. It was about noon, and hotter than blazes, so I worked up a good sweat getting it up and out of the way.  It was almost a half hour while I rested and waited to clear the flooding, and the sweat in the road rash was burning pretty good.  Unfortunately for my vanity, I was too close to the road to drop my jeans and wash off the sweat, so that was my first priority when I got her home.
Other than that, it's been pretty good riding around here.  Only on Sunday, did I run into a brief downpour...and I'm just happy there was no hail in it, as was reported in the Milton area.  Take care and ride safe, and maybe I'll see you at the Motorcycle Safety Symposium in Gulf Breeze on Saturday.
Okay, Summer, I've had enough!  I over-did this past weekend, or I just don't handle the heat the way I used to.  Saturday was spent at the annual ABATE Motorcycle Safety Seminar, the first time it has been held in this end of the state.  The turnout was a little thin, but it was competing with Springfest AND way out here in the Panhandle.  Slider's presentation on motorcycle accident scene management was excellent, but a lot to absorb in one sitting.  I just hope I never have to use it.
Sunday was a lot more riding, but that's when I think I over-did it with the heat.  I had to head to the house by 3PM, and still wasn't feeling too sporty on Monday.  The old scoot is running great, and I took her out for a ride today.  I only managed about 30 miles, though, since the heat was still so oppressive.  Somehow, I've got to remember that being 62 isn't 32 anymore.  Dang it!
Thunder outside, so I suppose I should cut this thing down.  Y'all take care and ride safely.  Don't forget that school is out this week, so be especially watchful of the young, stupid, drivers.
Memorial Day... and it's more of the same!  I was heading out to Nine Mile Road to join up with the VNV for the Ride to the Wall South, and the heat got to me.  Dammit, I'm getting old!  Instead of riding in the group (which requires 100% attention and skill I didn't have at the time), I rode directly to Veteran's Park and ran into a few other like-minded folks.  Even then, it was all I could do to stay hydrated until the ceremonies.  After that, it was beat the rain to the house and watch hours and hours of racing on the tube.
For those who missed me at the Nine Mile Sonic on Friday night, blame bad gas and fouled plugs.  I went to the concert in Seville Square on Thursday night and, as I was riding home, noticed I had almost 150 miles on that tank of gas.  Instead of going all the way to my usual Amoco station on Mobile Highway, I stopped at the Shell station at Navy and Old Corry Road to fill up.  Loafing my way home, I didn't notice the slight sputter until I was almost home, and then forgot about it for the night.
Friday morning, I did maintenance on the scoot, adjusting the chain and cleaning it, even to the point of wiping the excess chain lube off EACH sideplate.  When I did take off for Sonic, she sounded like a 50 year smoker's cough!  I tried running it through, but only succeeded in thoroughly fuling the plugs. Guess what, I didn't have an empty 5 gallon gas can to drain her into!  Scrounging around the neighborhood, I was able to borrow an empty can from a neighbor but, by that time, I was disgusted and the engine was still too hot to change the plugs, so I took the S-10 directly to Fatboy's.
Anywho...I took care of it Saturday morning and she's running like a champ now...on Amaco hi-test... and I'm  a happy camper (except for this heat-intolerance situation).  Y'all ride safe and stay hydrated in this Summer weather.  That stuff can sneak up on you if you're not careful.  Remember, too, that beer may slake your thirst, but the alcohol will speed up dehydration so chase it with extra water if you gotta drink!
Heeee's baaaack!  Without a whole lot to say, though...  I've been doing most of my riding in the evenings because of the heat, but today, I felt like a sunshine ride.  I'd heard a rumor that the Navarre Beach road was open to P'cola Beach, so I  took off for Navarre to check it out..  As I approached Navarre, though, traffic on 98 was backed up all the way west of the new Publix.  Seems there was an accident in Navarre proper, so I u-turned and TRIED to get the oil temperature back down (sitting in traffic on an air-cooled scoot is like that).
Traffic wasn't too bad getting onto the beach, but the casino parking lot was completely full, so I fudged a little.  Guess what, Folks!!!!  The Dock is open!  I didn't check to see if they were going to start their Thursday night bike night again, but I'll keep my ears open and let you know.  Any of you regular beach denizens out there...if you find out for sure, drop me an e-mail and I'll pass it along.
Meanwhile, I've been hanging out at FatBoys', so maybe I'll seeya there!
I don't know how long this is going to be in production since the sun just came back I am, too.  I need my valves adjusted and carbs synched but, with Thunder Beach this weekend, I need the work done by Friday morning.  I just got off the phone with Dink and, since he can't promise it by then, it looks like it'll be next week before I take her in.  That's okay; this is just routine stuff, although I can tell  the carbs are a touch out.  There's no sense doing that before the valves are adjusted, though. I've been real good about remembering the sunscreen, lately, and it's a good thing, too, since I've been putting in the miles...even putting on a helmet for Alabama riding.
Same day...many hours later:  No, I wasn't out riding, although I probably will tomorrow.  Suffice to say for now that some old saws ring true:  "Life is what happens to you while you're making other plans".  Sure is interesting, though!