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Okay, here's the update: the cylindars got back from the machine shop and then, Dink discovered he forgot about some o-rings and had to order them from PMS.  Of course, they weren't in the Atlanta warehouse, but rather, had to come from California...but did arrive today!  Hopefully, they can begin re-re-rebuilding the engine tomorrow, but I don't expect it until early next week.  One more weekend without riding!   ...and this is ABATE meeting Sunday coming up.
It's a shame so many bike events have had to be cancelled because of Ivan but I guess the combination of recovery work crowding the roads and folks trying to do their own recovery at home have made that sort of necessary.  I'll sure be glad when things get back to normal...whatever that is.  At least the fair starts next week (a week from today, as a matter of fact), and that will bring a semblance of normalcy (or escape) for a little bit.
I have discovered a little more hurricane damage here at the house than I thought.  I was looking at my front porch and noticed it was a tad crooked.  Upon closer examination of my 50+ year-old wrought iron columns, it appears my porch was lifted up and then dropped...or shaken...or both...and the rusty bottom of one kinda crumbled by abpout an inch.  Luckily, I got the last of the logs out of the yard yesterday so my next project is replacing the old columns and screening the porch in.  It's always something, isn't it?  Y'all take care and take a ride for me.
Okay, a couple of hundred miles on the new top-end and almost all the glitches are out.  There's still an idle problem...but not a big one.  Unfortunately, the idle jets on these old cabs are pressed in, and not replacable, so the increased displacement means fine-tuning the idle mixture and we're not quite there yet.
On the plus side, I'm riding!  I heard a rumor of a new biker-friendly bar out on Old Palafox Highway, so I took a ride out there last night to check it out.  I can't remember the old name, but under new ownership, it's now the Corner Pocket.  It's open but still in the renovation stage but, at least the beer is cold and reasonably priced...a buck-seventy five long necks.  Two pool tables,a juke box with a good variety, and a nice outdoor deck with a fire pit  The privacy fence is still under construction but I think the place has possibilities.
Same day...about ten hours later...I spent most of the day at Courtney's Castle with his grand opening and Buell stunt team.  Those guys are nuts!  Of course, when I was their age, I was too...but not on a motorcycle.  My only souvenir is a piece of tire that hit me from one of the burn-outs.  I did get to see a bunch of folks I haven't seen for months, though.  Maybe with the toy runs coming up, it won't be so long.  I've missed you guys!
Well, that's it for now.   I was planning on going out and riding around this evening, but I've come down with a bad case of the yawns so I'll just settle in for the night.  Damn, it's a bitch getting old!
Bummer...I wake up to a gorgeous riding day, Pigiman's birthday party is gonna be going down at the Corner Pocket...and I have a nail in the rear tire.  Actually, I was going to the party about 5, when Thunder was going to start playing, but the Phoenix race ran late and...what the hell.  I guess it'll be Tuesday before I ride again.
Tomorrow is the VA Clinic day, lab work, EKG, all that old guy routine stuff.  Catch ya later
I guess folks went to somewhere other than Ava's last Friday evening...since I was the only scoot there.  A few came in four wheels and, when I left about 8, I was thinking it might have been a good decision.  It's less than a quarter mile to the light on 29, but all I could see was a faint red glow through the fog!  I rode tapping the brake lever for a flasher effect until the fog lifted about 10 Mile Road.  After that, it was a short ride to Fatboy's for a cold one or two.  Business keep picking up, but I haven't seen YOU there.  I know it sounds like I'm pushing the joint...and I am; it's just that we haven't had a common meeting place for so long and I enjoy it.
Saturday was a little riding around in the AM, but for the most part, the rain kept me in the S-10.  Of course, that meant I could have more than two beers with all that steel around me.  Thunder was playing the second gig of the day, so it wound up pretty loose.  Heck, I actually got to dance, and it was WAY past my bedtime before I got home.  Somehow, I got up in time for the ABATE meeting on Sunday.  After rushing home to catch the race from Homestead, it was back out to Fatboy's.  Muff was doing his last gig with Thunder before heading back out to sea this week, so it was good to catch im one more time before next year.
Hammer is going to be the live music tomorrow night and next Sunday.  You might remember him from playing at Hawg's Heaven on Perdido Key before it went bust.  I wonder if he can tote his guitar and gear on that old ironhead of his?  In any case, I hope the rain clears before tomorrow night so I can ride there.  Seeya there?
I'm starting to see a pattern here: only the three grey-haired guys, Bud, Bob and Bill, showed up at the Nine Mile Sonic Friday night!  Granted, we almost had a quorum for the Old Fart's Society, but wherre was everybody?  We waited until 7 and, when we figured we were it, I dragged them over to Fat Boy's for their first visit. Son of a gun, I think we have another regular or two.  I'm not sure about about Bill though; he seemed a little taken aback by the little drunk gal who was running her fingers through what's left of his white hair.  All in all, everyone was having a pretty good time, though.
Back-tracking to Wednesday night, Hammer was right in tune and mellow as always.  It was almost like being back at Hawg's Heaven but without the beach traffic and Flora-Bama to contend with. Now, if we just had some dry and seasoned firewood for the pit.  That's it for the moment 'cause it's a beautiful and I'm gonna ride
Dang, was it wet yesterday!  Kudos, though to the 150 or so intrepid souls who did show up to ride in the 9th annual ABATE Toy Run.  I'm proud of y'all.  On another, less up-beat note, you know I don't usually get on a soap box except about blood collection and riding safely but something was brought to my attention by one of you, my loyal (and perhaps, misguided) reader, which I can't ignore.  I know many of you are already familiar with the story of Bill Janklow, the politician who, a couple of years ago, ran a stop sign at a high rate of speed and killed a biker...but a couple of updates might just be in order. 
One, it has just been determined in a civil suit brought by the family of the victim that, if he is determined to be civilly liable for damages, the tax payors of his state, rather than him personally, will pay since the legislature was in session at the time and he was technically on the job.  That, in itself, is an outrage but I also just found out that this biker-murderer is a member of the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum Hall of Fame.  Go to and check it out for yourself.  There is an e-mail link there, and I have already sent them an e-mail demanding the removal of this miscreant from any place of honor for motorcycles or their riders and builders.
This is my personal opinion and action, but I would not in the least be insulted if each and every one of you were to pass this along to as many bikers as you know and do the same to help remove this honor from someone who obviously has none of his own.
Nuff sed!
Yup, still here...just not getting out much lately.  The scoot is back (and forth), ironing out little glitches, but she's almost there and road-ready.  I've had her back a week (well, a week ago) but she's been back and forth from Dink's place, so I only have about 40 miles on her.
Lessee, what else...I've been building Mom a screen porch; I re-roofed my workshop/storage shed; been putzing around the yard and, oh yeah, went to the fair last Friday.  I've now had my annual allotment of corn dogs, pizza, funnel cakes and freaks.  Kansas was the band that night...and they still rock!
Beyond that, I've got a million little projects to finish and maybe, just maybe, I'll see you on the road..SOON!
Aha...fooled you!  Didn't think I'd be back after only two days, did you?  Well, I'm off my soap box this time and just back to daily stuff.  You realize I got thoroughly soaked on Sunday,  but I never mentioned I've been having headaches, stuffiness and a general cruddy feeling since last week.  Well, yesterday morning, I woke up with a full-blown case of something, so I went out to the VA Clinic.  After an amazingly short wait, I got in to see Dr. Wyrosdick, my primary provider (generally a cool guy, but WHY does he keep bugging me about my smoking?).
Okay, so I've got a throat and ear infection and he put me on cephalosporin  for ten days.  Hooray, there's no warning to avoid alcohol!  I do think it'll be a good idea to stay out of the wind for a few days, though.  I am feeling a tad better already, and my right eye no longer feels like it's being pushe d out of its socket, but I just HATE being sensible!  Oh well, Saturday for the Chapter Christmas party will be soon enough (maybe).
Duh...I feel like crap!  The antibiotics seem to have taken care of the bacterial junk but now, I think I've got a virus (or it has me).  I was feeling pretty good for the chapter party on FRIDAY (not Saturday), and rode all day Saturday and Sunday.  By the way, I was pretty sure the party was on Friday, but the Chapter newsletter came on Monday or Tuesday, and said the party was Saturday, hence my comment.  Thank goodness for Sally calling me and letting me know!
I noticed in my weekend riding that the traffic still horrendous, and probably getting worse with Christmas shoppers; PLEASE ride carefully and watch out for all those idiots out there.  Give them plenty of room and try to anticipate their stupidity.  They just aren't paying attention.  Hmmm, maybe if everybody had to ride a scoot for two years before they could drive a cage, they might be a tad more aware of their surroundings.  Ain't never gonna happen though, so we've got to fend for ourselves.
Everyone's invited to the Gulf Coast Chapter ABATE meeting this Sunday.  Come on by and let me sneeze on you.  "Til careful!
Still sniffling and caughing but it's tapering off...finally!  I was still feeling pretty punk when I went to the Biker Bash at the VFW on Friday night, so I only stayed for one set of Native Thunder.  Didn't even dance.  Funny, the place still looks like the Old Double LL on the inside, but it just wasn't quite as rocking.  Still, I was a tad younger then, so that may have had something to do with it, I suppose.
Saturday was a fine riding day, though.  Ms Lynn and I took in a bit of the countryside after the flea market, but wound up at Ruby's Fish Camp.  I thought the place was in tough shape after Ivan, but that tornado that ripped through Baldwin county and came into Beaulah also did a number on them.  The bar itself is repaired and open with cold beer, but the trees seem to have gone elsewhere.  No more sitting in the shade next summer...
After I dropped Ms Lynn off and headed for the house, I just hibernated for the rest of the evening.  The next morning, though, was another gorgeous riding day...once we got the ABATE meeting out of the way.  I just had to stop by Academy, over on Davis Highway, just to see what I was missing this Christmas shopping season.  From the looks of the madhouse, not a danged thing!  I had a chance to see my old boss for a few minutes, between crises, and he looked beat.  I'm sure glad I'm not in retail any more.
Well, that should do it for now.  I might get some riding in tomorrow, but the weather is sounding a bit iffy up through Christmas...including the possibility of snow flurries on Christmas Eve.  Hmm, I haven't done THAT in over 40 years!  Y'all be safe and have a very Merry Chritmas!
Rain and wind...yuck!  Granted, it's warm for the second day of Winter but, still...  At least I was able to ride short-sleeved yesterday, although I suspect strongly that it was the last time before Spring.  I spent the time riding around wishing friends a Merry Christmas.  I'd heard from some of you that House of Thunder, over in Gulf Breeze, had closed its doors but that George had opened another shop over in Car City.  Well, it took a while but I found it...on Airport, between 29 and W Street.  It's Redline Motorcycles, on the south side of Airport, and it's a whole lot nicer place that the Gulf Breeze location.  According to Wesley, it's a whole lot safer place to take test rides, too!  They carry all th major distributors, metric and American.  Give 'em a call at 478-3060.
I haven't headed that way myself, but Jimbo dropped me an e-mail to remind folks, if they haven't headed that way yet, that the I-10 bridge east-bound is definately NOT motorcycle-friendly...unless you really like riding a couple miles of metal grating single file.  I don't think my nerves would hold out that far.  That's it for now...until I get bored again.  Y'all ride safe now, y'hear.
VA update: arthritis and slipped disk aside, I'm disgustingly healthy.  Well, they did change the weight to height tables and I became obese without gaining a pound.  Hey, Doc, I'm working on it (and yes, I WILL quit smoking....someday)!
Tomorrow, I hit the 500 mile mark and change the break-in oil.  I spent a bit of today running ABATE Toy Run flyers around.  I started at Ruby's at the state line (as far as I could go without a helmet) and started working my way east.  Geez, it was a beautiful riding day...except for the traffic.  Has anybody else noticed how much heavier (and crazy) the traffic is since Ivan?
Going back to last weekend, I rode to Milton Friday evening, but it was a pretty light turn-out by pre-Ivan standards.  On the way back, I came by way of Old Palafox and stopped at Fatboy's, formerly the Corner Pocket.  Business is picking up and there were 12 scoots parked out front.  I'm not superstitious so I didn't mind being number thirteen...and it was a decision well made.  I do believe we have a biker bar in town again!
I enjoyed myself so much I came back Saturday AND Sunday...when they had the grill going and some good ribs, pork and sausage.  The company was good and they have Amber Bock on draught.  Oh yeah, live music on Wednesdays and Sundays.  Ride safe y'all and catch you later.
I've finally forced myself to sit down here and put words to bytes, and now the question is, how to lay them out?  In 44 of my nearly 62 years, I've loved only four women (excluding Mom, of course) and in the last week, I've spoken with three of them.  I married two of them, and the mother of my three magnificent sons lives here in Pensacola with her husband (who is a friend and a good step-father).
We all shared Christmas dinner with our eldest son, his sons, and the family of his girl friend and, when I got home (in a burst of turkey-induced euphoria, I suppose) I called my second ex-wife, in Virginia, to wish her a Merry Christmas.  Now, I haven't spoken with her in nearly ten years, and the break-up was somewhat less than amicable so, once I had done the brash deed, I was a little relieved to get her answering machine.  I left a cheery message and hung up!
I believe "flabbergasted" is a good term for my reaction when she called me the next day!  Thank goodness we've both mellowed over the years, and we had a great hour's coversation, bringing one another up to date on our respective kids and stepkids.  I discovers that, despite the BS of twelve and more years ago, I still feel some affection for her...and it's even better to have her as a friend.
As if that wasn't enough, on Tuesday I got a call from the fourth love of my life.  Although we came to the conclusion ten or so years ago that the differences in our ages and in our life-goals just wouldn't permit a successful relationship, we have remained in e-contact through her two marriages and bopping around the country.  She was upset over a personal matter and needed someone to talk with.  To make a long story short (as if I could), she and her kids drove down from Atlanta yesterday and the four of us had dinner last night.  It was a magical time together and I hope I was able to convince her that she is NOT cursed and she is loved (although I really think I'm more father-figure than old lover(okay, I AM old<G>)).
If you've been keeping score, there's one missing...and that story relates to the raising of the Berlin Wall.  Another story for another time.  As for me, I'm a blessed man and I wish you all blessing for 2005.  Happy New Year!