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Well, in the last week none of you ladies sent me any e-mail to present their side of the of the story, so I guess I'm the only rambling rider out there. Sorry, Jimbo, all I can do is offer the forum. The offer is still open, though. I'm sitting here at the keyboard a little lesser man than before, but not by much. The Doc did what he called a "scoopectomy" this morning, cutting out that little renegade colony of cells who were intent on doing their own thing. He said that even if the biopsy comes back positive (which he thinks it won't...?), it's probably okay since he was "aggresive" in his excision. I do need to be more aggresive in my self-examinations, though, since this is the price I'm paying for my sun-worshipping youth. Hey, y'all, DO keep an eye out for those "spots" that seem to change and maybe you won't have to get cut on.

How about this gorgeous weather! This cooler air has been absolutely delicious. It was hot when Ms. Lynn and I rode to Thunder Beach last Saturday, but this is great. You can tell it's almost time for the Fair. We do have a bunch of stuff coming up on the riding calendar, but I hope you carve out a little time for the Bears for Bears Run on Sunday. It's going to leave the Home Depot in Pea Ridge at 11 sharp, so be sure and get there and register early enough to get one of the 225 ride pins. This ride is for Santa Rosa kids.
Y'know, sometimes the Muse just won't settle in and tell you what to write...which is one good reason I'm glad I don't have to do this for a living. Last Friday evening's turnout for Ruby's bike night was light, but the company was good. Sometimes only 8 or 10...and good better than a whole mob and no real interaction. On Saturday, Trader's had a good turnout for Easy's benefit, AND the beer was cold! We did see a few scoots parked out on the street that I wouldn't even try to ride. Hardtails and long forks are one thing, but a chrome seat?

Vic and I took the ladies to breakfast at Post 240 (on Gulf Beach Highway) before riding up to Pace for the Bears Run, and I'm not sure that was the best of ideas. That humongous cheese omolette and hash-browns were great, but didn't ride that well. On the other hand, Ms Lynn rode real well on her first mass ride on her own. After the run, we took off for a nice ride down 87 to Navarre and rode the beach route to Hooters for lunch...and lots of iced tea! All in all, a great Sunday.

That renegade spot on the back seems to be doing well after the surgery. If itching is a sign of's healing like mad! Thanks for the support from everyone. Y'all keep your schedules cleared for this Sunday's Lary's Love Run. This is one of the year's best runs and I hope to see you there. Take care and keep the shiny side up!
...and yet another Ramblings issue when I don't have anything particular to say, but this person does:

"if you know of anyone heading over to biketoberfest, im looking to tag along (i'll ride, but i was planning on taking my 8 year old.... so ya know...) if you HEAR of anyone wanting a little gas money for a trailer over and back, i have a place to stay already.. and im off work and im getting a little depressed that i cant go!! call me at 341-9393.. i can drive to meet ppl if they are coming by the area also, my biggie is that im moving next week and cant TOTALLY afford the gas money to put my deuce in the back of my truck and drive all the way over to daytona and back and food and all that jolly for 4 days. PLMK ASAP."
What can I say?....Foreigner sucked BIG TIME! Other than that, the fair was great. I hope the person who contributed on the 15th made it, but I think I did my last Biketoberfest last year. I also hope you who did make it this year weren't too harrassed by the powers that be over there. Perfect riding weather is upon us so make sure all your equipment is up to snuff. You sure don't want the scoot down for lack of maintenance .

See, it gets really boring when I don't have anything to say so hows about sn\ending me something I can comment on; I'm out of ideas (which is a REAL good reason I don't do this writing thing for a living!).
...kinda pensive tonight... Sometimes when life is good, I tend to sit back and wonder why...and then I wonder why I wonder why. I was talking with Kevin tonight about his trip to DC for his Top Cop award, and he told me he's been going in to work a few days a week. He's stuck at a desk, of course, but he's putting together a team to implement the training program he developed which got him the award in the first place. He sounds SO good to be back at work and I am so proud and happy for him. Sean, my eldest, has been on his new job for a couple of weeks now, working on mobility equipment for the disabled, and seems so much more content than he has in quite a while. What I'm doing now just doesn't seem to matter as long as my kids are happy and productive; THAT was my main goal in life from Day 1!

Ms. Lynn and I have been seeing each other for a while, now, and enjoying one another's company. While I had to work this past Saturday morning, she took part in the Ladies Only Ride over to Stockton. NOW, she knows what I'm talking about when I say I don't care for too many group rides. She hadn't realized the degree of concentration it takes for a 200 mile ride with 20 or more riders, and just how pooped you can be when you finish. That's why I was out riding by myself Saturday night. By the way, when Lois is leading a ride, it's even tough for me to keep up. Too bad her husband already has the nickname, "HotRod"!

Enough for now; I'm just feeling mellow and content. Maybe THAT'S why life is good.
...all in all, a pretty good week. It was kinda goofy getting the observation run together for Saturday at The Emporium, but I think a good time was had by all the participants, as well as us putting it on. The best part was money for the CHIPs kids. I did hear a few comments about "what old fart put THOSE clues together", but I resemble that remark! Checking those clues also led me to something good, as well.

On Monday, I had changed the oil in the ol' beast and she was just purring, she was so happy. Then, on Tuesday, she rolled over 114,000 on the odometer, which really got me wondering just how long she'd keep it I've been kinda looking around to see what I'd look at when she finally bit the dust. I knew I was getting really tired of chain adjustments, so shaft drive or belt was going to be the target.

Well, back to checking clues...I stopped by D&D on Thursday and saw a consignment scoot outside that hadn't been there earlier in the week. To make a long, dull, story short, I now own a '96 Intruder 1400. Believe me, it's a real transition in riding styles to go from an in-line 750 to a v-twin 1400 (okay, 1395). I also remembered why I really love my windshield on the 750. As soon as my add-on goodies arrive and are installed, you won't recognize the Coyote on the road.
An e-mail from a reader......:

I have a supply of bumper stickers that I got from Ron's Kawasaki in Panama City that I would send to you or anyone else that would pass them along to others. My son, Michael Foreman, an avid bike rider (bought his bike at Ron's) was tragically taken from us on 21 Sep at the intersection of Hwy 77 and Baldwin Road here in Panama City; about 6 blocks from my house. A careless driver (Terri Thomas) turned in front of him and another car, the car swerved and missed hitting her; however, it put Thomas' car right in Mike's path. He never had a chance-he hit her and was killed instantly. She told officers that she didn't know why turned in front of him and the car-she just doesn't know why. She never once according to police officers and witnesses (including the driver of the car that swerved) asked about Mike, offered help, or has she in anyway showed any remorse. Mike supported the Bay County Humane Society with donations, Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola, and since 1996 had given monthly to St Jude's Children's Cancer Research Center. She on the other hand is getting her fourth ticket since Mar of 03 and as of now will be charged with a $78 fine for making an improper left turn and failure to yield the right-of-way. She of course doesn't have insurance either. Because we followed what Mike would have wanted and made him a donor we received a letter in mid October from the Florida Eye Bank and two people in Jacksonville FL (a man and a young girl) now have the gift of sight. It was not my intent to ramble-our family is absolutely devastated by this, we loved him dearly and will miss him so much. He loved his bike and loved riding, he was a safe rider and did everything right-please ride defensive and be safe. If you would pass the bumper stickers along, I'll send you a supply.

Great! Finally, a taker. The following is from our female rambler...(anonymous, at her request):

Rambling from the female viewpoint:
The ride last Sunday for Bears for Bears was awesome. There were so many bikes. Where are all these people hiding? The weather couldn't have been better. We arrived early, registered and headed over to the Village Inn to feed our bellys. The ride started about 11. What a feeling to see such a long stretch of bikes when you come over a hill. There were so many bikers they didn't have enough baskets to hold all of our toys.

A small group of 17, including a trike, headed down 87 to end up at the Dock. The water looked so inviting on the left. I just wanted to go in with my tank top and whatever.

Last week's weather was great for riding. As the chill in the air comes in, out comes the long sleeves and leathers. Just like a whole new wardrobe.
Thanks, ride safe. Hope to see you at the Love Run on Sunday.
What's with all this global warming hooey? I don't remember it being this cold when I was a kid growing up here on the Redneck Riviera. Sure, we got a snow from time to time (okay, twice), but it certainly didn't FEEL this cold. Heck, I even started riding in Colorado when I was in the Army at Ft Carson (DANG, really 41 years ago?) and 30 degrees didn't slow me down like this. Oh, that's's the humidity.

Sorry I didn't make it to Nine Mile Sonic last night; I wonder just how many DID show up? The new scoot is pretty much set up so I'll be out and about (as soon as I can get these old bones moving). I've put a couple hundred miles on her and discovered there's a world of difference between an in-line 750 and a 1400 v-twin.... almost as much as between a fairing and a windshield. I just know I've got some full-fingered gloves somewhere.

Y'all be sure and get your toys together for next Sunday's ABATE Toy Run. December 7 is right around the corner!
Okay...and I didn't make it to Ruby's tonght. I was kinda planning on it, but the ride home from work just after sunset convinced me I'd be happier parked in front of the tube watching Big Boys' Toys on the Discovery Channel. Yeah, yeah, yeah...I'm getting old! But I WILL be at the Toy Run on Sunday.

Missouri Redneck and Lynn got a new Harley on Wednesday...Harley Savannah-Rosemary Wilson, that is. She weighed 5 pounds and is 16 inches long. Mom and baby are fine. Now we'll just have to see how ol ' Mo' Redneck holds up. That's it for now. Ciao, dudes and dudettes
You know, there's a good reason why I don't try to make my living as a writer; I'd starve to death! Of course, you who do know me realize that would take some time but, still, it WOULD happen. It was good to see a bunch of y'all on Saturday at Trader's. For one night, anyway, it kinda seemed like old times...but methinks they are probably gone forever. Heck, I can remember when Kawi Pat and I were the only rice burners parked on the sidewalk outside Cack's. Does anybody else remember Temptations...or the Wooden Nickel? Were these all figments of my imagination? Where are you, Bil?

Oh well, enough drivel for now. Maybe I'll be a little more up next week. Be sure and come for Motorcycle Emporiums Turkey Observation Run on Saturday and don't forget the Gulf Coast Chapter ABATE meeting on Sunday. Take care, y'all, and where's a biker bar in Pensacola?
Okay, enough of this waking up in the wee, dark, hours of the morning! I'm used to waking up a few minutes before the alarm goes off at 7 but, for the last week, I've been waking up at 4 to 5AM, and not being able to get back to sleep. Ugh! Couldn't have anything to do with the new scoot. It has been an interesting week getting her ready for the road.

Since our shop is closed on Mondays, that's the day Vic and I work on our own scoots. My goodies (engine guard, windshield, saddlebags, rear-rack and Clymer manual) weren't due in until Tuesday so we were going to synch the carbs and give her a good check-over. Well, once we removed the tank and side covers, it was obvious no one had looked at the fuel and vaccum lines for some time, so that was the first thing I replaced. That done, it was just a matter of cleaning the air filters and we'd be ready to synch. The number one air box is the easiest to access so I pulled that air filter and cleaned it, putting it aside to dry and re-oil. The number one was another story, entirely! Without the manual to give us the handy little tips, it was a struggle, but I finally got the top off and discovered three little shreds of degraded foam. Oh, oh... It was now obvious the previous owner never developed the abilty to remove that air box, and had probably NEVER serviced it.

Knowing that air flow only goes in one direction, with much trepidation I worked the air box out of the frame to access the front carb. It was full of foam crud! With Vic's help, I got the carb off the intake to clean it...and there was even residue in the intake. Okay, this thing was running like the proverbial scalded dog before I brought it in, albeit a tad rough, so I have no idea how strong it will be when we're done. To wrap this ramble, customer scoots have occupied the lifts this week so I'm still not synched but virtually everything else is done (well, the bags go on today) so maybe, just maybe, I'll be riding it this weekend. Hope to see you out.
Yeah, I'm still alive...moving a bit slow and grunting a lot...but alive. No promises, but I AM gonna try to make it out to Ava's tomorrow night but, since I have to work Saturday, I won't be out late. Who am I trying to kid; I haven't been out "late" in years! I used to be able to sleep in but the old bod has gotten into this pattern of waking up at 5 or 6AM, regardless of when I hit the sack and I'm nodding off around 10:30. I really do miss Jay's monologues.

The new scoot is coming along nicely. A bunch of you got to see it at the ABATE Toy Run, but I have one more set of goodies coming. I just don't care for the original flared exhausts on the Intruder, so I have some Cobra Boulevard sliip-on turn-outs coming. I think they'll look better and just might improve the sound a tad. I'd ride it to the ABATE meeting this Sunday except that it's Motorcycle Emporium's turn to sell ABATE products and I just don't think I can carry it all on the bike. Hmmm, a challenge; let's see.

The Emporium is going to shut down for Christmas week so I hope to get some riding in, weather permitting, so maybe I'll see you on the road. Y'all be careful though; the Christmas shoppers are more oblivous than usual of motorcycles on the road. We had another motorcycle fatality yesterday out on Pine Forest Road so watch those cars pulling out of parking lots...they sure aren't watching for us. Be safe and be happy. If I don't manage to get back on here before...have a very Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas, y'all...since I probably won't update in the next couple of days. No, I didn't make it to Ava's on Friday night. Call me a wuss, but Muff and I went out riding Thursday night, had a couple(?) of beers in the process and I flat-out didn't get enough sleep, so I was one dragging puppy Friday night. It was good to see so many folks at the ABATE meeting on Sunday, with the out-of-town-for-the-holiday syndrome going on. The pity was I had to drive the truck instead of ride since I haven't figured out how to stow the BATE products safely on the scoot. Oh,'ll be Ben's turn for the next few months, so I CAN ride.

I had a heads-up on a biker-friendly bar, so Muff and I stopped by on our ride and then again this evening. Try Judy's Colonial Inn on Gulf Beach Hwy. They're trying to reserve the front for bike-only parking, "Bad to the bone" was playing on the jukebox and the draft beer was 85 cents. They've got two pool tables and iy seems to be a right friendly place. Sorry, no hard stuff to drink, but that tends to mess up the pool shooting anyway.

That's it for the moment. I hope y'all have a safe and happy holiday and we all make it into the new year.
...and probably the last entry for the year. It has been a tad chilly, but I HAD to make the last Sonic ride-in of the year. Yeah, right...and five bikes showed up! I rationalized that some folks had company in for the holidays, or were off visiting but, the truth probably is...they're wusses! We were all planning on riding to Stockton for Stage Coach VII this morning but, when I tried to crank the Intruder she just grunted. Now, I've got a new battery and haven't had one iota of trouble, so I was kinda puzzled. I threw the charger on her while I was finishing getting ready to go pick up Ms. Lynn and she was a bit anemic, but started. I figured she'd build up a charge but by the time we stopped to gas up, I just didn't want to be that many miles from home with a problem. I can bump-start the old 750, but I doubt I could with the 1400 Intruder.

Discretion being the better part of valor, we made it back to my house and parked her, putting the charger on. Since it just didn't seem right to go to Stockton in my S-10, we went instead to the flea market and then to the art museum for the Ansel Adams exhibit. It was great but, by the afternoon, my back was killing me. I've been trying to experiment to find out what minimum dosage I need to keep functional and I think it's at least one more than I I dropped her off and came home and took it!

By this evening, I was feeling well enough that when my son suggested going out and shooting pool, I took him up on it. I shifted the charger over to the 750 (poor baby, I've been neglecting her since I got the other scoot) and it was running when he came by, so we rode to The Colonial, drank beer and shot pool until we were both disgusted with our games. At least, we did figure out that we weren't meant to shoot pool for a living...but we had fun.

If I don't get back on here before, have a safe and happy New Year's celebration and, PLEASE be careful!