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...and last night, I couldn't even access my editor!  This semi-retirement  thing is already getting old and it hasn't even really begun.  I did get the 401(k) paperwork off, though, and I do have one more paycheck (albeit skinny) coming from Academy.  My dentist was pleased with my last insurance-covered visit (no cavities, but not that many real teeth,  anyway). 

One concession to my current status is that you now see ads on this website.  If you want to help the Ol' Coyote get by, I get commissions from any sales generated by buying through those ads.  At least, they aren't those annoying pop-ups!  I suppose I can stand a couple more weeks of leisure before I start looking for some kind of sit-down job, but the  put-off household jobs are about covered for the moment.  Of course, Lili is probably going to cause some more work, but I don't see how too much more can come off the trees in my yard. 

Weather permitting, we have a pretty active weekend coming up.  I need to run out and find a stuffed animal for the "Bears" Run on Sunday, but I think I'll take the truck today.  It'll be a lot safer with all those Louisiana storm refuges in town.  Stay dry, now, y'all...and I HOPE to see you Friday at the Navy Sonic. 
As you can probably see by now, I have too much time on my hands.  Of course, the layout of the website does need to change from time to time, to keep it interesting.  My ulterior motive, however, is to make it easier for me to edit. 

Okay, let's have a show of hands for those who thought this was a great riding weekend!  Now, if the heat will just subside a bit, it'll be magnificent.  What was even better was having THREE days to get together with friends.  The Friday night Navy Sonic seemed a little light, but the Solutia and ABATE runs on Saturday and Sunday were awesome!  Channel 3 even had a positive story, for a change.  Maybe we are improving our image  to their satisfaction.  Naw, their chief newsperson probably had the weekend off and didn't have a chance to dis us. 

I do want to make one clarification to the last Ramblings, since it was commented upon: they ARE all my own teeth; I paid good money for those.  For now, then, y'all get yourself ready for work on Monday..since I don't have to.  So there!
Y'know, you'd think that, once I didn't have to set my alarm, I'd get to sleep late but, NOOOOO!  I like to watch Jay Leno's monologue, but I STILL wake up well before the sun is up. It ain't fair, folks!  The back is feeling much better, without the lifting and concrete-pounding every day and, now I'm just waiting for the sun to come up so I can work on the scoot.  Yesterday, I FINALLY changed my levers (the brake lever got a little banged up when I wrecked in March) but it started to get dark before I could readjust the clutch.

Looks like a busy weekend so I hope the rain holds off for everyone.  Friday night is the Milton Sonic and Sunday is Lary's Love Run, but you're gonna have to make some choices on Saturday, with two benefit runs AND a bike show.  Good luck!
Sometimes I get really frustrated with this website...actually, with the editor I have to use, since I am HTML-impaired!  Folks, here's an announcement:  I'm doing the best I can with what I've got here, and if you catch the site looking really strange, it might just be in the middle of an update, and I'm saving as I go.  I'm tired of writing brilliant pieces and then getting bumped off-line just as I'm trying to save.

Okay, that's out of the way.  The one advantage to my semi-retirement is being able to make a LOT more of the activities in the area.  Milton Sonic had a good turnout, and the weather was positively delicious.  Not as good as Fair Time, but good.  Everybody from around here knows THAT's when the cool weather starts.  I had to make some choices this morning, though.  I wound up going to the HOG bike show at Seville, and THAT was a disappointment.  Where WAS everybody?

Tonight, after dinner, I took another ride out the Blue Angel and 98 area before getting to the Malibu before the band started.  One good, rocking, set and I was ready to head to the house to give this website another shot.  Folks, it wasn't supposed to rain tonight!  It was just a light drizzle, but the headlights refracted through the drops on my glasses were wicked.  I really think a good, driving, rain is easier to see through.  At least, it's streaks instead of nice, round, drops.

Okay, that's it for now, so I can hit the sack and make Lary's Love Run tomorrow.  I've had to miss it the last couple of years (due to work..ppppppppbbbbbttttt), and I won't this year!
Long day, quick impressions: great ride; dragging pegs; dogs winning 50/50's?; new biker bar on Perdido Key(Hawg's Heaven); REALLY BIG cheeseburger at TGIF; getting run over by a blonde; good friends; THANKS!
Okay, it can quit raining, now!  What I really want to know, though, is WHO gave me this cold/virus last weekend?  I'm hacking and hurtin' and it hasn't even turned cold yet. Here, the weather is getting ready to change for great riding, and I'm feeling miserable.  I guess I'm just gonna have to tough it out, 'cause I'm NOT gonna miss out on riding.

Friday is our option day, Foley or Tiger Point, and I think you know my feelings on wearing a helmet. Sunday is the regular meeting of the Gulf Coast Chapter, so I have to make that.  Beyond that, who knows.  Take care and I'll see y'all this weekend.
Never mind, scratch that!  Cold or no cold, I'll be in Daytona tomorrow night for Biketoberfest.  Sorry, I'll have to miss Sonic and the ABATE meeting but when you've got a motel room AND a trailer someone else is hauling....what are you gonna do?  Of course, this will be the first time I've had to set the alarm since I left Academy...but I think I'll manage.  Oh yeah...and I deliberately held back on the riding today so the scoot will turn over 100,000 miles in Daytona.  See y'all next week!
Heeee's back!  Kinda tired, but what a trip!  Muffy, Cactus and I pulled out on beautiful Thursday morning after we finally figured out how to get Roadrunner and Thang on the same trailer AND secured.  The trip to Biketoberfest was totally uneventful except I will NEVER again offer suggestions on a shortcut...which turned into a longcut.

We finally got into Daytona and found the motel.  The location was great but, a small caveat:  if you're going to book reservations over the internet, make sure they have a picture of the outside of the facility.  That MIGHT just give you a clue as to whether the inside pictures are a product of creative marketing. It was clean, though, and the staff was friendly and helpful.

After getting everyting unloaded, we headed for Main Street and the associated cacaphony of engines. Slowly shuffling down Main Street, we managed to run into a couple of other Chapter members who weren't going to make the October meetin.  I managed to get escorted out of Boot Hill Saloon and some other place when I refused to turn my vest around but Main Strret Station accepted any patch and a bunch of colors. Besides, the beer honey did a mean shimmy.  Unfortunately, with all the traffic and other visual diversions, I didn't get to see all the 9's roll over to all 0's.  Roadrunner done good!

Friday, daytime, we did the breakfast thing, and then split up for a while.  I went to visit with a lady I hadn't seen in about ten years.  We caught up on stuff you never think to put in e-mail, and had a quite pleasant visit.  Joining up with Muffy and Cactus back at the motel, we headed for Ormand Beach.  Folks, if you've never been there before, you have to hit the Iron Horse.  Great music, good food, and MORE Chapter members!  From there, we hit Jackson Hole Saloon, The Hog Pen and somewhere else I can't even remember.

Saturday morning, we got up and did the vendor thing...all over the place, and wound up eating at a place serving all the sirloin steak you could eat....and we did.  After waddling out, we headed back to the to recover before the evening's activities.  Folks, let me warn you...the Cabbage Patch is a daytime place to be.  This was the only disappointment to an otherwise great trip.  Al we got out of this was a pleasant ride in the country.

Coming back, we rode A1A from the south end.  After seeing a wreck and watching the crazies, we decided a full-moon Saturday was the time to head back and let the other idiots risk their lives out there.  It was nice to sit outside our room with a brew and watch all the scooter traffic up and down US 1.

Sunday morning, we had breakfast at The Ultimate Omolette, just down the street...and I've NEVER had to leave food on a plate before.  After last minute shopping, we loaded up and blew our temporary domicile, and hit the road (no shortcuts, this time).  No wrecks, no problems, and no rain until we were back in the Panhandle.  Dang, it was good to sleep in my own bed last night!
Okay, I've pretty much caught up on my sleep, AND got some pics from Daytona.  You can click
here to see them.  It might take a while for them to load as .jpg's are kinda large files.  It can't take as long as it took me to upload them, though.  I get tired of Geocities sometimes, for their cumbersome edit system and downtime, but it IS free, and I've been here 3 years now.  I'd hate to relocate and start all over again, since I don't know a drop of html coding.

Well, enough for now; I've got my stuff together to get back in the VA Clinic system tomorrow, and stop by my credit union to set up an account to roll my Academy 401(k) into.  This retirement thing is tougher than I thought<grin>.
Well, has everyone had enough rain yet?  I know I have!  What I really missed with all the rain was the chance to get together with everyone this weekend.  At least, THIS week should be clear, if cold.  Heck, that's what leather is for, isn't it?

Today, I called the folks who are supposed to be sending me a check to find out why I haven't gotten it yet.  After an interminable wait through the phone menu and listening to some really insipid music on hold before I could talk to a real, live person, I got my answer:...'cause they never got my paperwork!!!  %$@*&@%  Okay, let's start this process all over again.  The other one FINALLY got my separation notice from Academy and are sending me the distribution paperwork on that fund.  Maybe, just maybe...I can get some money coming in again...soon.
You can tell the rain has the lack of entries!  I've been blasting the highways, even enduring a helmet (pppttt!), to ride in Alabama.  Last night's turnout was a tad light at the Navy Blvd Sonic, but I'm sure a bunch have gone to NoLa for the Steel Pony.  I hope they're having a blast!

After Sonic, some of us wound up at the Malibu for some malt beverages and found out Blind Driver, my favorite band, had gotten the last minute gig, so we rocked the night away.  I hadn't realized how much better I was feeling since I retired until one of my many dance partners told me I looked better than she had seen me in a couple of years (Not looked as in "attractive", but as in moving and dancing) and I didn't even realize until then that she was right.  I felt great!  Of course, I prudently took 400mg of Ibuprofen before I hit the sack, but I feel great this morning, too.

Well, there are lots of activities filling the schedule, so I hope to see y'all at one or another of them.  Oh, one last thing:  I just got an e-mail from a lady who wants to learn to ride.  She doesn't own a scoot (yet) and took the Rider's Course, but doesn't feel comfortable yet.  She asked me if there was someone out there who could give her one-on-one training.  She said to give her phone number out, but I've been on the internet long enough to know that isn't very prudent.  If anyone's interested, e-mail me and I'll pass it on (If I know you).  Ciao for now.
Sorry I missed the I Ride 2 guys (and gals) at Hooters last night (if anyone showed up in the foul weather), but I'm scooterless at the moment.  I do most of my own routine maintenance...but I don't synch carbs, and I don't adjust valves.  I don't know why they looked funny at me when I told them the mileage of 100,400 miles while filling out the work order<G>.  Hey, she's just getting broken in good!

We've got all kind of holiday rides coming up in the next few weeks, so start planning your schedule and getting your new toys stockpiled.  On the personal side, both my 401(k)'s came through with the paperwork so maybe (just maybe) I can get some money in the credit union soon. After the holidays, I might just start looking for a part-time long as I can sit a lot and not lift a lot.  The back is better than it has been in years, and I want to keep it that way.  Wish me luck on getting the scooter back REAL soon.  The sun is shining and I want to ride!
...and a glorious couple of riding days it's been!  We had a real nice turn-out in Milton last night, too.  I got a nice surprise Wednesday when I found out the maintenance on the scoot was done in 24 hours.  Heck, I was expecting to be grounded all week.

I hope you're planning on participating in one or more of the Veteran's Day activities this weekend (including Monday).  Being the middle of three generations of veterans does, perhaps, give me a different viewpoint from some of you.  I might not be politically correct on this (big deal), but I still believe mandatory military service is good for the country... as well as for those serving.  Although Dad, myself, and all three of my sons were volunteers (or, perhaps, because), it gave us a different sense of citizenship than I've seen in some of the younger generation.  I'm lucky in getting to know some of our young military men and women here in Pensacola, but some others really make me worry about our future as a nation.  Let's all keep our fingers crossed...
Talk about some wusses!  I went up to the Nine Mile Sonic tonight to BS with some other "old guys"...and only THREE of us showed up.  Granted, it is a little cool tonight, but not THAT cold, and it was a beautiful night.  I waited 'til 8 and then split  Night is a great time to drop ride flyers at tat shops<G>.

You know how I've been kidding for some time that I've been hanging with Harleys for so long that I'm starting to mark my spot, too?  Well, that drop or two I've been experiencing for some time now turned into a drip today.  I've figured that, with over 100,000 miles, I probably had a worn shifter or output seal.  The shifter seal was no big deal since that's just a push-in but, if it were the output seal I was in trouble since I'd have to split the case to replace it.  It was some trepidation, then, that I took the cover off to clean it up and find out exactly where the oil was coming from.

Now, the game plan was to clean up the accumulated mess and then run the engine on the centerstand so it would be obvious where it was coming from.  I used an entire can of brake cleaner knocking the crud off and was going to remove the countersprocket to get a good view when....DANG....the countersprocket bolt tuned by hand.  I had put a new O-ring on it when I replaced the sprockets last Spring but, with my ribs still hurting from the wreck, I'll bet I forgot to torque the bolt down   Anyway, I took the sprocket off, replaced the bolt and O-ring (tightly), and then ran the engine for a while.  NOT A DROP!

Let me tell you, this is a real mixed bag of feelings: utter relief that it wasn't any more than it was, and: a real feeling of stupidity for having not torqued that bolt properly in the first place.  I know better than that.  Anyway, thus ends another minor saga of the Ol' Coyote, who survives another of his misadventures.  Here's hoping to see you again, soon.  Sonic on Friday, Turkey Trot Swap Meet on Saturday, and ABATE meeting on Sunday.  Y'all take care
Awww, did you miss me?  Hmph, I didn't think so.  You were probably like me, enjoying that delicious riding weather on Sunday.  Once we got that rain out of the way, it was great.  My apologies for not showing up at Sonic on Friday night, though.  It's one thing to be riding and get caught in the rain; I've done it enough...and will again.  It's another thing to LEAVE in the rain when you don't have to, particularly after dark!  I have yet to find something to apply to my glasses that would avoid the droplets becoming little lenses, flaring every on-coming headlight and blindng me....not to mention slick roads and less-than-effective brakes.  Hey, THEY can't see us in perfect weather, let alone in the rain.

You may have noticed some changes around here.  Those click ads are gone: I didn't really like the look of them on the pages and, after six weeks, no one had bought anything, so they're gone!  In their place, I've taken a reader's advice and started a classified page for individuals (not businesses). 
I hope everyone is starting to collect their toys for the various toy runs coming up.  We have a busy few weekends in front of us and there are a lot of kids out there who aren't as fortunate as most of us are.  Besides, the runs are a lot of fun.  Enough of this..the sun is shining and I gotta ride!
I hate rainy weather, particularly when it promises to rain and doesn't.  Of course, if I HAD gone riding, it would have rained on me...fer shure!  On the other hand, it makes me take care of chores around the house that I'd been putting off to go riding.

It looks like we're going to have a few days of clear weather ahead, so don't expect an update for a while.  Oh, and in response to some of you who have mentioned that you've seen me out riding and I ignored you when you waved at me; I'm not being a snob but, if I'm in traffic, all I am looking for is hazards and escape routes...not friends.  Two inter-vehicular altercations in a riding career is plenty for me! the recent cool weather keeps reminding me...

Speaking of cool, it's looking like Friday night's Nine Mile Sonic is going to be leather-weather. If you haven't gotten any yet, NOW is the time!  I don't want to see as pitiful a turn-out as last week's Retreads get-together.  Geez!  Start getting those toys together, too: IT'S TOY RUN SEASON!
I warned you it might be a while before I was back!  I've put a few hundred miles on the scoot since our last visit...and I haven't even been anywhere in particular.  The cold was back on Friday, as promised, but it wasn't THAT bad for this early in the season. I'd estimate the Nine Mile Sonic only had about 1/3 the usual turn-out, and it was DRY!  Boy, what a bunch of wusses that didn't show up.

On the other hand, I don't expect much of a turn-out for the fifth Friday Tiger Point Sonic this Friday, since it is Thanksgiving weekend and lots of folks will be out of town or have out of town visitors.  In MY case, it might just be that I'm still too full to saddle up, comfortably.  We'll see.

In the meantime, I'll continue to bug you to get those toys gathered for the upcoming Toy Runs.  For a bunch of kids, this will be the only Christmas they have and we don't want to disappoint them.  Times are tough for a lot of families, so let's share what we're lucky enough to have.
Okay, last chance!  Get those toys for the ABATE Toy Run tomorrow.  No rain, lots of sun, and NO EXCUSES!  Since FWB has decided to cooperate instead of compete this year, I hope to see a thousand bikes at Cordova Mall in the morning.  I've done minimal decorating to the scoot, since there's no way I can compete with R2D2 hooking an inverter to the battery on his Trumpet and running household Christmas tree lights.  I did finally paint the repaired spot on my fairing from last Spring's little mishap, though.  All that's left is the new pipes when a little debt comes in.

Short one today, as I can smell the lasagna in the kitchen.  See y'all tomorrow!