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..and a glorious run it was, despite the late start.  Thanks to all of  you who participated in the Bears for Bears Run today.  There were times this morning, though, that I was actually hoping for a little rain, just to cool things off a bit.  Thank goodness our NEXT big event is Toys for Tots in December.  I just hope I don't die of heat exhaustion before we get there.  Be sure and check out the "Happenings" page; it's filling up rapidly.
..okay, relatively back on schedule...  Well, once the kids were gone, it was back the work grind, but I did take a ride after work tonight.  I went downtown to Trader Jon's, expecting a quiet Wednesday evening beer, but while I was sitting outside, chatting with friends,  a police-escorted bus pulled up and I found myself in the middle of a Mayoki Court party (not sure if I spelled that right).  In case you're not familiar with them,  Mayoki is the partyingest fiesta krewe of the bunch...and their police escorts were partying right along with them.  Hmmm, I'd be arrested for riding MY scoot through Trader's...easpecially with a lady riding backward on my tank. You shoulda been there!
.schedule, schmedule.  Howdy, y'all!  It's been a while, but a BUSY while; I hate car-shopping!  After 18 years and 218,00 miles, I finally got tired of 15MPG and trying to park a barn.  When I got the van, I was married, with four kids and two dogs, and taking cross-country trips (why did I marry a Philadelphia gal?), and I suddenly (duh) realized I didn't  need it any more.  The down-side to this is that I had no idea what I wanted, except economy and a smaller size(and priced within what I had).  Now, at 6'2" and 225 pounds, this creates something of a quandry.  I think I've sat (or TRIED to sit) in every model of small vehicle made and found that only a Chevy S-10 would work.  Well, after much searching, I have it! The big white box is gone!  ...and maybe I'll be on-line more often.
Hi guys (and gals)...okay, so I didn't get back on-line that much.  I've been making my new toy my own; seat covers, tag, etc...  That, and playing rain tag on the scoot, which has been an iffy proposition of late.  Usually, I've only gotten hit by a few sprinkles but today, I lost BIG-Time.  Coming down I-110 this afternoon, I ran into a gully-washer.  I  was smoking one of my little cigars at the time and before I could get to an overpass, I was left with nothing but the filter clenched in my teeth. 

On the bright side, it looks like I finally solved my wet-miss problem.  The engine never missed a beat!  Not that it helped me see, with all that rain in my face, but at least I could make it to an overpass.  Sorry I'm gonna miss the 4th Bike Show at the Riverwalk, but I'm scheduled to work and double-time is double time.  Y'all enjoy it for me.
..another week down the tubes, but it's been a great Friday night and  Saturday.  I had to work the early (yawn) freight shift on Friday, but I got off at 2, so I had a chance to cool down, relax, and get ready to ride for the Navy Sonic ride-in.  Unfortunately, when I stepped out the door about quarter of 7, the sky was flashing and rumbling to beat the band.  Undaunted and determined to ride after not getting to all week (and living only a couple of miles from there), I hopped on the scoot and went.

A few drops here and there, but I got to the Sonic dry!  There were only 8 of us that showed up, but it was enjoyable company and we were under cover for what rain did come.  A nice ride downtown and then up to Chans for a cold one made for a good end to a long day.  Today was absolutely perfect, though...  Starting this morning for a run of shops in P'cola, Pace and Milton yielded no flyers for new events to post, but it was great seeing old friends and just riding!  Spending the afternoon and evening at a birthday party for an old friend, WITH old friends, followed by a set of Blind Driver at the Bu, topped my short  weekend.  It's work again tomorrow, but the batteries are recharged and  I'm ready to go!
...ever have some of those dead days?  One just goes into the next and a  week's gone before you know it.  I guess part of it is staying busy with stuff you don't really want to getting ready for inventory at work, and rebuilding the Chapter phone tree.  It seems like riding to the Milton Sonic last night was the only thing I've done for ME in quite a while.  There was great crowd and I'm afraid we got on the car-hops' nerves a bit but, at least, I didn't drown on the ride home this time.

Oh well, it looks like I'm going to miss the Bikefest in Holt again this  year.  I'm scheduled Friday night and Saturday 'til 5 so it would just be shutting down by the time I got there, and the ABATE meeting is on Sunday, so...  I hope y'all have a rousing good time and I guess I'll hear about it at the meeting.  See you there! 
...ah, I see the weekend pattern is re-emerging.  Of course, we had inventory at work the day after my last entry, and it's been frantic ever since.  I did manage to get the phone tree completed before today's ABATE meeting, so that's a load off my shoulders, too.  Now, if it just won't rain next Thursday and/or Friday, I can change the oil in the scoot and get all the other put-off maintenance done; with all this heat, I'm sure the battery is getting a tad low. 

It sure felt funny driving the truck to the meeting this morning, instead  of the scoot, but I definately wasn't alone.  Dang, I haven't been wakened to that much thunder and lightening in a looong time, but it was nice riding by the middle of the afternoon, so it wasn't a total loss.  (English majors, diagram THAT sentence)  Ciao for now, and maybe it won't be a week next time.
So, it IS raining...but I did the maintenance on Monday, before I went to work. Hey guys, check your battery fluid level; this heat is a beast and I was WAY down.  Thank goodness, Sears Diehard makes motorcycle batteries, too.  With my screwy work schedule, I don't get to see y'all that much for weekend riding, but let's keep our fingers crossed that I can make Friday's Nine Mile Sonic without getting too wet.  Nuff breakfast is calling.  Oh, before I run; any comments on the new format of keeping a  month's Ramblings?  Let me know.
Yeehaw, it sure has been fun playing rain tag the last few days..and I AM batting about .500!  For those who were counting, the ride to Sonic last Friday was one of the wins.  Now, dropping by last night on the Retreads was another story...but I dried out by the time I got home.  Wish I could  make the Navy Blvd Sonic tomorrow night, but the job says I have to close, so I wish you a dry ride. 

Many thanks to my one loyal reader who responded to last week's Ramblings;  really, Hon, you've GOT to get a life!  ...and, no, my store doesn't stock that.  (See, folks, don't you wish YOU had written so I could  include cryptic notes to you. too.)
Unfortunately, I had to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday but I was able to get some riding in after work on the weekend.  From the looks of things, everyone was at Styx River, 'cause there sure wasn't anybody around town.  I only hit a few light drizzles, so the .500 average still stands.  Now, somebody hold off the rain for Friday, since I'm OFF and going to try to make the Milton Sonic.  In fact, I don't go to work Saturday until noon,       so I can even enjoy myself.  Of course, not getting off until 9 puts a cramp in the Saturday evening festivities, but a guy's gotta make a buck.  Hope to see you in Milton!
...and another week bites the dust!  I did make Milton...and dry...but have been working ever since.  This week, due to judicious shift-swapping, I have Wednesday through Friday off, and I'm ready for it.  Now watch it rain!  We're gonna try something new this Friday: TWO Sonics, but fairly distant, so if you're not up to putting the brain bucket on and riding into Alabama to Foley, folks will be meeting at the Gulf Breeze Sonic at the usual 7.  It's near the  WalMart and the end of the expensive bridge...more like Tiger Point.  I hope to see you there, and dry!  Maybe this will bring some of the Fort Walton Beach folks.
Gonna keep it short this I can get to work.  I really HATE  closing on Saturdays and Sundays but...the last couple of Lotto tickets I bought came up dry, so it's off to the store.  We did have a nice turn-out at Nine Mile last night, though.  I just got next week's work schedule and found next Friday is an 11-7.  Now, that's a pretty decent shift EXCEPT for a Friday, as there is no way I can clock out, get home and change, AND  get to Sonic before everyone leaves, particularly at Tiger Point.  It's gonna take some creative shift-swapping, but let's see what happens. 

Y'all have fun tonight...(addendum for tonight[just got home from work]...I got the shift swap and am off on Friday. of course, it means getting up at 6AM on Saturday, but I'm off at 4, so the evening isn't lost.)
See, less than a week this time!  I hope the folks who went to Live Oak Landing had a great time while I was working on Saturday.  One of these days I'll get a life again (HA!).  We did have a nice turn out at the Tiger Point Sonic, and the manager was so pleased with us, he asked us to come back more often, hinting at some kind of discount.  I'll see what I  can firm up on that and let you know.  We are going to add them as the periodic 5th Friday in the month we get, so that's the place to be on the 30th...unless you're at Styx River.  Well, it WILL be a little more family-oriented. 

There is going to be another Bears for Bears Run coming up in early October, but there aren't enough details to list on the Happenings page like a date), but I'll post that as soon as I get it. There is also a charity event coming up in Daphne, Alabama in September which I'll list as soon as I get the particulars from the Bro who passed it on. Well, I don't want to overload you TOO much in one sesion, so that's it for tonight.
This isn't the sort of thing I like to have to put on here, but my ABATE Brother, Frank "Rambo" Smith, USMC, was lost to another four-wheeled idiot  on Monday.  A teenager broadsided him in a pick-up truck on US29...and a  fine man is dead!  The viewing will be at Faith Chapel Funeral Home on Beverly Parkway in Pensacola on Thursday at 6PM, with final services on Friday at 11AM.  We will accompany him on his final trip to Barrancas National Cemetary.  This is NOT the way I want to get together with my  Brothers and Sisters!
It's been almost a week, but a very tough week.  Those of you who received my various e-mails will undoubtably have noted the various and sundry goofs and corrections I sent, but I don't do death well and I think the stress showed.  C'mon folks, let's be REAL careful so I don't have to go through this again.  I certainly hope everyone enjoyed Styx River, the Dragons' Party and Trader's Bike Show....since I had to work all weekend.  This is getting to be a tired song, but I don't see any changes coming... so get used to it!  Ah, it's nice to have a place to gripe. 

Last Friday was the first try at a fifth Friday Sonic at Tiger Point and by the time I left ahead of the rain, about 8-10 folks had showed up.  Between the weather and all the activities, I guess that was to be expected.  We won't have another 5th Friday until December 29th, so I'll keep my fingers crossed for that one.  See y'all at Navy Boulevard this Friday!
Those who follow this know that I don't do ads, but this e-mail I got from a reader intrigued me...and besides, I couldn't think of anything else to write at the moment:        
Dear Coyote, love your website.  Lots of excellent info.  Here's a little  tidbit.  I am  notary public in the State of Florida and perform weddings.  I am available to perform weddings for bikers within the State of Florida.  Bikers can be the residents of any state.  Just need to get a  Florida marriage license.  (I will be at Biketoberfest in Daytona in  October.) Contact Shelley at or call (850)932-4090.        

Thanks, Shelley.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch....or the one week timing, anyway...  Not a lot going on in the Ol' Coyote's life right now except work and getting older.  I'm suddenly more aware that the old 60 mark is coming up next April, for some reason.  Could be the aches and pains, but whatever it is, I'm more aware of it.  One of my goals in life is being the first biker in  full leather to have his picture on the wall of the Blod Bank for the Ten  Gallon Club and with all the West Nile Virus and other stuff happening, I want to speed up the process. I found out I could give more frequently if I donated platelets, rather than whole blood, so I set up an appointment. 

After going through the assessment, I found out that, although I can take my Motrin and give whole blood, I can't undergo phoresis...but I can  taking Tylenol.  Since the Motrin is what allows me to move, I just gave the whole blood Tuesday, but I'm gonna try switching to Tylenol to see if I can still function adequately.  If so, come November 6, I'll try the  phoresis again and see if I can get on the wall by the time I hit the big 6-oh.  Wish me luck.  Looks like I'm not gonna make Milton on Friday, Guys.  I have a new manager making my work schedule, and I'll be getting off too late on Friday to get there.  Maybe I can bring him around to my side in time but we'll just have to see. 

Don't forget the ABATE Chapter meeting on Sunday. I'll be riding unless Gustaf makes it too nasty.  Otherwise, it's the  S-10.  Ciao for now, Kiddies.
You guys missed a great Ramblings a couple of days ago. I was marvelously  lucid, delightfully witty and positively brilliant...and I crashed before  I could save it on-line.  Now, you're stuck with this!  I didn't actualy  crash the computer, but my ISP bugged out on me for about 12 hours.  I  bombarded their C/S trouble line with multiple missives, but to no avail.  Now, I'm back and operating, but I can't seem to regain that same level of  brilliance, alas.  I did, however, manage to make the Tiger Point Sonic  last night.  Only a few of us apparently read the weather radar properly  and knew we wouldn't get wet...and I did get to meet Shelley, our biker notary, and her husband. 

From there, I rode up to Chan's for a cold one and found out it was raining cats and dogs in McDavid and points north, so  I was glad I stayed closer to the coast. flash!  I seem to have broken my jinx; for the first time since March, I gave a lady a ride from a bar without crashing!  Of course, it's only happened once in my life...last March...but you never know how trends get started. 

Looking at my site stats, I've noticed that readership on the "Happenings"  page has dropped considerably since I've been mailing them each week, but  you should still check them later in the week for any last minute additions.  There were a couple this week.  Too, you might want to check out the "Links" page.  I've added a few lately that might be interesting.  Well, time to get ready for work, so that's it for a bit.  Take care.
I hate to say it, but it is getting to be a habit of getting knocked  offline before I can save on this editor.  Off course, it IS free, so the price is right and you DO get what you pay for!  I was writing last night in a very strange mood (by the way, the lights are flickering, so I'm saving this in pieces) and now, I'm glad I lost it...if I remember my  morose ramblings correctly. 

Okay, here's the good news/bad news:  you won't have to listen to me complain about my missing events because I had to work strange schedules; you may hear me complain about not having any money to go to events.  Those of you who know me have probably noticed that I sometimes move funny and make strange grunting noises from time to time.  I think that after almost 60 years of doing really stupid things with my body, that's a reasonable expectation.  What wasn't reasonable, to me anyway, was having to leave work in pain. 

So, anyway, when I got to see the x-rays of my spine, even I could tell that particular vertebra didn't seem to be in the right place.  Other questions to the Doc yielded answers like "scoliosis" and "arthritis".  I won't even try to spell the other thing, but he said  the civilian term was "slipped disk".  That's why what I was typing at 3AM yesterday is better off lost.  Besides, Prednisone DOES causes sleeplessness and indigestion, just like the insert said.  The Doc has treated me for a while, so he knows what I do for a living, and asked if I can take a ten minute sitting break each hour.  I know that I can't, particularly with the Chritmas shopping season coming up, so I've had to make a hard decision.  I like working for  Academy Sports and Outdoors; they are good people and have an excellent benefit program but...and a big but (no jokes, now) if working for the benefits is causing me to NEED the benefits, I have a problem. 

And so, I  am leaving the job I had hoped to retire from so I won't be a cripple before I retire.  Hell, I limp enough as it is!  Right now, I'm just getting through this steroid crud and heating pads and  strange exercises he has me doing but I'll be back on the road soon (if the hurricane doesn't wash them away).  Heck, I may even cheat.... Oh, by the way, in my boredom, I've added a guest book to the site.  Somebody prove you're reading this.
Is everybody still out there?  I hope no one sustained serious damage from that pesky Isidore.  My son took a tree limb into his roof, but he was taking it in good humor yesterday. At Casa de Coyote, we got a few minor limbs down, but Hannah had done most of the heavy stuff, earlier, so I don't have much cleanup...except the bike barn had a few leaks. 

I'm happy to report that this morning is the first time I haven't been in pain AND/OR sick from the medication since last Saturday. Maybe, if it doen't rain this evening, I'll see y'all at Nine Mile Road. One place you won't, least for a running the road from Pensacola Beach to Navarre.  Once again, the road has been cut by the storm and  it'll probably be months before it is reconstructed. I just hope it doesn't take as long as it did after Erin and Opal.  
Thanks to the contributers to the new guest book.  I just need confirmation from time to time that what I'm doing is worthwhile and not just another blog.  Y'all take care and keep it upright.
Dang, Kiddies, it happened again!  I got bumped off-line in the middle of one of my most brilliant it's back to the drawing board.  I was commenting on the fact that I've had a job pretty continuously since I was 16, and this life-of-leisure thing is gonna take some getting used to. For the nexr week, though, it's doctor and dentist appointments before the benefits quit AND contacting my 401(k) administrators so I don't go too broke. 

I guess I will wind up with some kind of job (to keep from going nuts), but it has got to be easier on the back than what I was doing.  The riding has been good this weekend; the Sonic turn-out was a little light, but out-of-town stuff going on contributed mightily to that.  Saturday, I hooked up with the I Ride 2 ride and had a nice ride over to Destin.  After a good lunch at Hooters, we headed back west, but wound up in a loooong traffic jam on Okaloosa Island.  Turned out to be a three-car accident, but we found a c-store just as some of the scoots started over-heating, so we sat it out there until traffic cleared. 

When the rest of the group stayed on 98 for the trip home, I peeled off into FWB to drop in on Jerry's Cycles, up on Racetrack Road.  Those of you with antiquated Brit bikes probably know Jerry, but he also does a lot of  Jap work.  Anyway, I met him while I was working for CCI, delivering auto parts some years ago, but I hadn't seen him in a couple of years.  When I walked in, he was still the same, the punching bag still hung from the  ceiling, but the pool table was all covered with stuff.  It's a unique shop.  Drop in if you're over that way. 

Sunday was stuff-your-face day at the Seafood Festival.  That, and enjoying a cold one listening to good jazz under a shade tree.  You know, maybe I COULD get used to the semi-retirement thing.  Tomorrow is telephone day but come on by the Hooters on Bayou Blvd Tuesday evening for the I Ride 2 bunch.  Curtis has a good message.