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Happy Thanksgiving, all!  Despite the events of the past few months, we are still the most blessed country on earth and I hope each of us takes the time to reflect on that.  At the risk of sounding hokey, I also think that we on the Redneck Riviera are particularly blessed with where we live...and ride.  One way we can express that blessing is by sharing with others less  fortunate than ourselves.  I hope you take the time this season to consider donating of yourself, whether it be monetary or of your time.  I know many of us gave to the New York relief effort but  there are still local needs, as well.  Among many, you might consider the Manna Food Bank or donating blood to the Northwest Florida Blood Bank. 

For a real fun way to give of yourself, mark December 2d for the Gulf Coast Chapter Toys for Tots Run.  You can help make Christmas better for lots of our local kids and have a great time in the process.  Seeya at Cordova Mall that Sunday!

Thanksgiving is over and now, the shopping blitz is under way.  If  I can just maintain my sanity for the next four weeks, maybe...just maybe...I can get out and have a social life again.  Only those of you who have worked retail can really relate to this.  Of course,  on Friday, I work 5AM to 1PM and don't have to be back at work until 8 Saturday morning so, IF I can stay awake long enough, I'll be out and about.  Being a fifth Friday, there isn't a Sonic ride-in scheduled anywhere but I hope to make it to Chan's for a while.  

Looking at the calendar, though, there's a full moon that night, so the crazies should be out as well.  Y'all keep ayour eyes wide open if you're out that night....and be careful!  Be sure and remember Sunday, December 2d for the ABATE Gulf Coast Chapter Toys for Tots Run.  You can help make Christmas better for lots of our local kids and have a great time in the process.  The ride ends at the Shrine Temple on Nine Mile Road and there'll be food and "beverages", as well as a great band.  Seeya at Cordova Mall Sunday morning
WOW!  Half a month since my last update; tells you a lot about my life!  No, not a personal life...just work.  The Toys for Tots Run was a wonderful success on 12/3.  Great weather, great participation and great friends says it all.  Now, all I want is to survive the  Xmas shopping season.  I almost made the Navy Boulevard Sonic last Friday, but wound up trying to find an elusive electiral problem on the scoot.  Still haven't found it, but it seems to have gona away on it's own. 
I WON'T make Milton Sonic's ride-in this Friday, either. Someone has  to close that night at work and I seem to have been selected...same as tonight.  Gotta work late on Saturday as well, so I don't know if I'm going to make the ABATE meeting before the party at Trader's.  I'm still trying to work a deal, though.  Oops, time to start getting ready for work, so this is it for now. Maybe things will slow down enought that I don't go over two weeks before the next update... 


Ha!  So there: it's only been ten days since I've been here.  It  seems like both more AND less time than that.  I just finished this week with 50+ hours on the clock...and there's still Christmas Eve day to work...and then, there's the returns to deal with!  I finally managed to get out on the scoot last night for a bit of running and guess what...the stupid electrical problem has returned. For some strange reason, my turn signals, brake light and horn decided to go on the blink again.  Everything was operating fine when I left the house, but when I started it up after leaving Trader's, nada!  I had thought it was a problem with the switch and  changed it...and it worked after that but now, I don't know.  Maybe it's magic?