The Coyote's Ramblings - 2001B
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Surprise,'s only been a week since my last update!  If  you missed The Bears for Bears Run, you missed a great time.  There were somewhere in the neighborhood of 250 scoots on the run, and a BUNCH of stuffed animals for the kids.  Of course, it was hotter'n blazes out, but the rain did hold off for us.  After the run, a bunch rode down to Navarre and enjoyed some great hospitality at the Palm Restaurant.  Check it out; it's a nice biker-friendly place. 

I, on the other hand, went riding looking for a lady who had asked me to stop by and keep her company while she had to work an open house.  I rode from one end of Ward Basin Road to the other (almost ran into the water), but never did see the sign she said to look for.  I found out via e-mail that I probably missed catching her by only a half hour or so.  Such is my luck!  Speaking of which, I think my boss has it in for me; I'll have to miss the ride-in at the Milton  Sonic on Friday as he's got me scheduled to work late on Friday.  If  that wasn't enough, I'll have to miss most of the Southern Cycle Swap Meet the following Saturday.  I've really got to hit the Lotto soon, so I can quit this work stuff that's interfering with my social life. Of course, to do that, I've got to buy a ticket first. 

Well, enough grousing for now; we picked up a lot of new members for ABATE at the Bears Run and I've got a bunch of work to do on all that paperwork...and it won't get done with me yacking with you.
Ever have one of those periods when you just completely lose track of time?  Well, this was one of them.  Between having to miss the Milton Sonic ride-in (since I was working late on Friday) and the rain all last weekend, it's kind of like I lost a week of my life.  On top of that, I had to work this last Saturday, so I missed the Southern Cycle Swap Meet as well as the Harley shindig at Seville Quarter.  This "job" stuff ain't all it's cut out to be when it cuts into my social life (what's that)?  Let's hope the weather holds for next weekend so I don't have to miss out on the Nine Mile Rd Sonic ride-in. 

I did make it over to Foley on Friday (and DID remember to wear my lid, so no tickets this time), but it seemed to me the turnout was a little light.  The companionship was pleasant, though, and I DID discover that the Reef now serves my favorite libation...Amber Bok on draught!  One more stop on the Amber Bok Trail...  I've just added a new event on the "happenings" page for The River Rally in August. You might want to check that one out as it sounds interesting.. Beyond that, it's just one of those weeks.  My thanks to those of you who recognize  me when I am out and about.  It's encouraging to know that I AM serving some useful purpose with this web site.
Well, despite a little misty rain, a sum total of 7 (count 'em, seven), including your's truly, showed up Friday night at the Nine Mile Rd Sonic ride-in.  Come on, folks, there wasn't THAT much else going on around town that night.  Of course, it wasn't  raining when I left the house, but.... 

I'm sad to report we lost another rider over the weekend and my condolences go out to his family and friends.  From what little information we have had so far, it would appear that loss of control was the problem.  Please, folks, don't over-ride your abilities, especially when those abilities may be impared.  On the ranting side of it though, the Pensacola News-Journal article ended with..."was not wearing a helmet."  Nowhere did they state that head injuries were the cause of death, but this little addendum would make it appear that it was a contributing, if not causative, factor.  This is the sort of  negative propaganda that will fuel the forces of darkness when  the Legislature meets again in January.  Please stay alert to these insinuations and do your best to show the positive side of our lifestyle...and get involved.  End of rant!
Welcome back for this week's very short edition.  There's not a lot  for me to yack about except, PLEASE consider going on the ride Sunday in memory of Wild Bill Rawley. It will start from the parking lot at the corner of 49th and west Jackson at 11AM on the 8th. I won't be able to make it as I have a wacky retail work schedule and haven't been able to work a swap with anyone...yet.  Until next time, be happy, be careful, be safe and remember, Freedom  isn't free; we have to fight for it! 
Hey Guys...another long and wacky wait between editions but...HE"S BAAAACK! Things have been kinda hairy lately (no gray beard jokes!),  but I've been busy.  There are scads of activities on the "Happenings" page, I've added a few new links on the "Links" page (hello, Retreads) and I've spent more time at Trader Jon's in the last few days than  I have in years.  They're starting a Wednesday Bike Night there EVERY week, and they don't even care that we dress like bikers, instead of yuppies.  TJ's will be offering special drink prices and live music, so let's really  get out there and support this.  Bands ain't cheap so let's show them  that we're worth it to them.  Besides, that's hump night for most of  us (except retail grinds like me) and we need something before the  weekend.  ...and let me tell you about biker-friendly; on Wild Bill's Memorial  Ride last Sunday, they actually let the scoots ride THROUGH TJ's.  I couldn't make the ride but, I've seen the pic's, and it was awesome!!!         

Hi and welcome back.  Well, I hope you all have a great time at  the Emerald Coast BikeFest in Holt this weekend, as I have to work 2-10 on Friday and 11-8 on Saturday.  Weather permitting, I'm going  to try to ride over on Sunday, but it just won't be the same as the  partying on Friday and Saturday.  Have one for me and someone else with have to be the sacrificial wet t-shirt drier. 

I did stop by Trader Jon's after work to catch the tail-end of the inaugural Trader's Bike Night and, even at 10:30PM in the middle of  the week, it was still a blast.  Maybe my work schedule will straighten out soon and I can enjoy a social life again.  Be sure and check out the Happenings page; it's filling up again and there's bound to be some activities you want to take part in..I know I do....
Once more, dear friends, into the breach....oh, lost in my musings again.  I'd like to thank all three of my loyal readers for your encouragement of this enterprise; it IS kinda  therapeutic.  It looks like I have another exciting weekend coming up.  Friday, I have to miss the Nine Mile Road Sonic ride-in since I'll be working 2 to close and Saturday, I have to work until 8PM, so I suppose I won't feel like getting on the scoot after 9...or will I?  Hmmm, actually sounds good right now.  Of course, it all depends on what kind of day I have at work.

For those of you who don't  know, I work at a certain sporting  goods store at Davis and Creighton (my boss says I can't use the company name here, but if you know the area, that argument is academic), and, frankly, I'm getting too old to be toting all that freight around.  To boot, on Sunday I go to work at 6PM and will be there until inventory is complete, sometime in the wee hours of the morning, so Sunday will be shot down  early for riding.  Okay, that's enough griping for now.  Be sure and check out the "happenings" page and let me know if you wanted to be added to  my mailing list for updates.  Oh, and check out the new web ring links at the bottom of this page.         

Golly, less than a week since the last time we visited; people are gonna talk!  I sure appreciated you folks who dropped by my workplace and told me you read about it here.  That helps me to keep this going. On the other hand, had you dropped by today,  you probably couldn't have gotten a parking space.  We had something like 3-4 inches of rain in just a couple of hours and  Lake Academy came up to the first row of parking spaces.  The Barnhill customers weren't too happy either, at lunchtime.    All in all, it was quite interesting but, best of all, I learned  that Saturn cars will float...until the little blonde driver opened the door and sank it!  Bet she never thought the stuff  she had thrown on the floor would float out into the parking lot for all to see. 

This weekend is shaping up to be a real busy one.  On Friday, I will once again miss the Navy Blvd Sonic Ride-in as I will be working until closing. That's also the first day of the River Rally over in Alabama, and I know a bunch of folks will be going there.  Saturday night will be rocking, both at the River Rally AND at  the Nightcrawlers M.C.'s Breakout Dance  I spoke with Lady J, the Club's secretary, and she's hopeful for a good turnout.  This is the Club's 5th chapter, having started in Omaha, St Louis, and that area. (Hope I got that right, Lady J; you were so enthusiastic on the phone and I can't read all my notes clearly)  If you can make it, let's welcome this new Club to the area. 
Good day, dear and loyal readers.  Ten days isn't too long to wait for this, is it?  Sorry, if it is, but I've just been swamped (literally AND figuratively) at work and, frankly, haven't had much of anything to talk about.  Well, I have, but just haven't felt like it. 

I'm really sorry I had to miss the River Rally if all the reports I've gotten have been accurate (as I'm sure they are) but, I had an interesting time at the Nightcrawler's Breakout party.  Met some real nice folks from St Louis, Memphis, New Orleans and several others I can't even recall right now, as well as some of the local folks I hadn't seen in quite a while.  The party was great, but I got some interesting looks from passing vehicles on Dr Martin Luther King Dr as the only white biker in the bunch.  The activities schedule is booming and, as usual, I'm stuck working weekends. 

I am off next Saturday, the 18th but the occasion won't be the most joyous.  I'm still trying to pin down the details, but there is supposed to be a Memorial Ride and party for Buffalo, our departed Brother who was Vice President of the White Sands Chapter of ABATE, in Panama City.  I realize there are other, conflicting things going on that weekend but  I hope anyone who can will make it over there.  On a more up-beat note, do check out the Happenings page for all the events coming up and mark your schedules accordingly.  

Good afternoon, and let me report that when I got back from my ABATE  meeting today and literally peeled my jeans off, I did find two dry spots: one behind each knee, about six inches long.  Frankly, folks, I'm getting tired of drought relief!  Sadly, with my cockamamie work schedule, I haven't been able to make hardly ANY of the events I so carefully list, so please enjoy them for me.

I do have one non-biker event coming up that isn't 40th high school reunion (Go Rebels-not politically correct any more, but I'm NOT a gator).  I do intend to make it a biker event all by myself, though.  Any other EHS '61's out there?  Finally, on a down note, I regret to inform anyone who hasn't already found out, that the Fuel Station Pub has closed.  Sometimes you run out of money before you run out of governmental agencies to jump through hoops for and we wish the best for Rob and Lisa.
Well, Folks, it did the Ol' Coyote's heart good to see the friends who showed up to escort the "Leader of the Pack" to his 40th High School  reunion.  Sorry it wasn't better orchestrated but, for a spur of the moment deal, it turned out great.  Thanks, Guys...and Gals.  The only disappointment was that somebody didn't show up for the reunion who  could have solved a long-standing mystery for me... 

I also somehow had the great fortune to be able to make the Friday night Nine Mile Sonic ride-in.  That was the first Friday night I haven't had to work in a long time...that it didn't rain.  I also have next Friday night free and guess's a 5th Friday and nothing is scheduled.  Bummer!!  Starting with this Labor Day weekend, it looks like September is chock-full of events so, do check out the Happenings page for all the events coming up and mark your schedules accordingly. 

Another week gone and I'm still not sure where it went... I think working strange hours has something to do with it.  At least, I haven't lost a game of rain-tag this week, as I have in the last few weeks.  For those of you who don't know, rain-tag is going out riding on a day when it looks like you're going to get wet but you try to avoid the showers popping up all around you.  I think the worst loss I've encountered in the game was a few weeks ago.  I'd stopped by Pine Forest Cycles to chat when I heard a big boom outside. I actually thought it was a wreck on Pine Forest Road, but when I looked to the north, all I could see was black clouds, and a cool wind rushing by.

II hopped  on the scoot and headed for the house but, on Mobile Highway, just past Mickey's, the first of  the rain caught me. Not wanting to get caught at the Fairfield light and Wally World traffic, I cut down Tonawanda Drive...bad move!  Not only was I getting slammed by the rain, but I was dodging limbs  blowing across the road AND taking hail.  I know it was hail, 'cause raindrops don't go "ting" when they hit your tank.  Anyway, I've been lucky lately, and hope to remain so.  I hope that luck holds for this weekend, too.  I actually have a Friday off and  want to make the Navy Blvd Sonic ride-in.  I'm also looking forward to checking out the Wild Hog Rally in Navarre on Saturday.  Hope to see you there! 
Fifty nine years and almost 9 months ago, American territory was attacked in a massive military assault by an aggressive nation.  Today, the American heartland was attacked by a small group of dedicated fanatics.  In each case, these sneak attacks were perpetrated in the assumption that the fat, lazy American lap dog would lick its wounds and go hide in a corner.  Did it take almost 60 years to erase the memory of the hounds of Hell that are awakened when America is threatened? 

Almost 12 years ago, I heard the news of Desert Storm and thought  first of my three sons, each of whom was on active duty...two in  the Army, and one in the Marines.  I feared for their safety, as any Dad would, but I also knew what kind of young men I had raised.  Unhappily for them (but happily for me), none of them got to go to the Gulf to do what they had trained for.  I find today that I'm experiencing that same sort of mixed emotions. I, too, want to strike back at these bastards who have killed so many in New York and in Washington, D.C., but I dread the feelings of doom when our young men and, now, women will go in harm's way to avenge this dastardly act. 

Please join me in prayers for the souls of the victims of the attack, their families and friends, and for those who will ultimately avenge them. 

A long three weeks since I've updated the Ramblings...but a lot's been going on.  On the day after the attacks, my mother fell and broke her hip and I've been spending a lot of time at Baptist Hospital.  She's home now, but I'll still be pretty tied down taking care of her (in spite of herself).  The main problem I have is keeping her from over-doing!  Heck, I only got her to stop mowing the lawn herself, and wait for me to get home from work, when she was 81 last year. 

There are lots of activities in October so keep checking the "What's Happening" page for updates as I get them.  I also e-mail it out once or twice a week (if late entries make it necessary).  If you'd like to be added to the list, drop me an e-mail and I'll add you.
Another two weeks gone without my commentary and nobody's written to complain so I guess nobody is reading it anyway.  I've just been working my butt off between the job and taking care of things at home.  Since a big part of my job is selling guns and ammo, hunting season is giving me LOTS of hours at work.  Unfortunately, it also means no week ends off for a while which also means that I have to miss a lot of the stuff going on around town.  I hope everyone else is having fun for me. 

On the home front, Mom is healing up nicely and getting around the house, albeit slowly.  It's nice to have her cooking again but I've discovered something disturbing: she and I have distinctly different dish-washing styles.  She  puts the dishes in a sink of soapy water  to soak, and I'm a wash-as-you-go type.  I'm glad that's the only  thing that bugs me.  I'm a tremendously lucky son!  Well, that's it for now. I sure hope this severe weather today hasn't done you any serious damage. 


Nine days now and no complaints...I guess you're either so happy with what I write that you're willing to wait for the next one...or I'm writing to the wind.  No, that's not true; I have gotten requests to be added to the "Happenings" weekly mail-out.  Thanks!  As usual, I've been stuck working most weekends so I haven't been able to make many events but I've got an answer to some of them anyway.  I found out I have 7 vacation days to burn before the holiday shopping season black-out begins, so I've taken the next few weekends as vacation days. 

Imagine that: I get to ride AND  get paid at the same time.  Now, if I could just figure out how to get paid FOR riding...  Naw, I'm too old to try racing for a living and besides, I discovered I chicken out beyond 125MPH, so that pretty  much leaves me out of that career track.  Oh, one final note...for those of you who have noticed, yes, the pony tail is gone.  It's probably a futile gesture but since we're in a state of war, it's gone until the terrorists are.  Sadly, I'm afraid my neck is going to be cool for a long time