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Well, boys and girls, I've been doing this ramblings thing for almost three months, at the request of a loyal reader.  The question is: "Is anybody reading it?"  Unless I get some positive feedback from somebody about it, this will be the last one.  Maybe the winter riding weather has something to do with it, or I'm just not in a chatty mood lately.  In any case, let me know... 
Whoopie do, somebody IS reading this.  Thanks to those of you who wrote; and to those who read it anyway and didn't write....Pppppppppbbbbbtttt!!!!  It's been an interesting week: Last weekend, I rode over to the Summerdale Flea Market (helmets, yuck!) and found a couple of interesting vendors.  One is an ol' biker who specializes in some leather, but mostly military patches and stickers.  I promised I'd  mention him to the Florida folks...and it IS a nice ride over there, despite having to have that "thing" on my head.  The other interesting one is a guy selling miscellaneous small tools and electical stuff.  I found some amber 12v LED's in chrome bezels with bolt backings.  At 3 for $5, that's a lot cheaper than I've even been able to find them on the I can see what I'm buying before I send my credit card number off into cyber-space.  He also had them in blue and red.  I'm going to put them in my fairing as additional visibility, but  they look like they'd be good for licence plate lights. 

Speaking of credit cards (what a segue!), I went to open a credit union account today and, when they ran an Equifax credit report, they told me they couldn't take my money because this super-accurate, omnipotent, credit-reporting agency said that I was deceased!  Well,  folks, let me tell you now that it's news to me!  They also have me with a mortgage as well as Chrysler Credit car payment.  Considering that my house was paid off around 1974 and I'm still driving the van I bought in 1983, methinks they doth boo-boo, royally. I'm now in for a multi-week (if not month) ordeal to straighten out the "authorities".  Wish me luck!  In the meantime, the Fed will meet and lower interest rates again, and I'll miss out on that 6.25% CD I wanted to get.  Bummer!
Howdy,  neighbors.  Viruses be damned, the Coyote is back!  In the continuing saga of the demise of the Ol' Dog, I've have embarked upon the odious task of convincing Equifax that I am still alive, but they haven't acknowledged my vivacity yet.  In the meantime, interest rates will continue to fall and that CD I wanted to buy into will cheapen even more.  It's a conspiracy!!! 

For those of you in the Pensacola area who like the Sonic Bike Nights in Milton and Foley (second and third Fridays of the month, respectively), we have another venue closer in:  Kelly, the manager of the Sonic on Nine Mile Road (by the new Target store), has agreed  to host a Pensacola Bike Night on the fourth Friday of the month. That'll be on the 23d of this month.  Everybody pray for dry, relatively warm weather to kick this off...and pass the word around to the un-wired bikers you know.  On the personal front....awww, never mind, this isn't the place for personal ads.  It just seems to be that  whenever I hope to find someone, they turn out to be good riding friends...but just friends(sigh).  Don't take it the wrong way; you really can't have  enough friends, but.....?.  I've added a few more links on my links page, so check them out.
It was another purty weekend, once we got the Friday weather over with but, I'm afraid, I disgraced the "big, bad biker" image.  On Friday night, I debated riding the scoot to The Malibu, or taking the van, and the Weather Channel convinced me that I wouldn't really enjoy listening to Blind Driver in cold, soggy leathers.  Probably not two  blocks from the house, I was rewarded for finally making a right decision by the appearance of raindrops on my windshield.  About the same time, I saw a lady walking along the street and she waved to me as I went by. 

Being Mr. Nice Guy, I figured I'd give her a ride out of the rain.  As I pulled to the side, the bottom dropped out and she ran to the van.  As she climbed in, she grabbed my arm and said "take care of me, Baby".  Well, if I had been smoking at the time, I would probably be history now from the cloud of alcohol vapor that enveloped me.  With my lightening-quick reflexes, I told her "I'm just going up to WalMart to get a loaf of bread for my grandkids" (cool response, eh?).  I was afraid to ask her exactly what she meant by her request for fear she'd actually tell me.  By this point it was raining cats and  dogs or I'd just have told her to find someone else and kick her out of the van. 

To make a long story only somewhat shorter, when I got to WalMart, she bopped out of the van with me and latched onto my arm.  Hoping no one I knew saw us, I bought the bread and, once again in the van, I told her I couldn't take care of her and I was heading home, but was there anyplace I could drop her off.  Turning into a nasty drunk, she growled directions at me until I dropped her off at the Cutty Sark, on Mobile Hwy.  So that, Friends, is why if you're caught in the rain and try to catch a ride in a van with motorcycle bumper stickers, you're liable to have a long, wet  walk.  Don't forget Bike Night at the Nine Mile Rd Sonic on Friday the 23d.  See ya there, weather permitting.
If you're not one of the bead-grabbing crowd on Friday evening, come join us at Bike Night at the Nine Mile Rd Sonic on Friday the 23d.  It's just west of the University Drive intersection and the new Target, and I hope to see you there, weather permitting.
If you joined us at Bike Night at the Nine Mile Rd Sonic, thanks for coming out.  If you didn't, you missed a good first-time turnout and some great fellowship.  The weather was excellent as was the banana fudge sundaes.  The next gathering will be at the Milton Sonic on March 9...hope to see you there. 

I've added a new link at the top of the page for local entertainment schedules.  I'll continue to put a few of my favorite bands on the "Happenings" page but, if your favorite band isn't there, you might want to check out this new link and click on "Live Local Line Up".  I tried linking directly to it, but it just doesn't want to work. 

He's BAAACK!  Okay, so it has been only a little over a week since I've updated, but a lot has happened since then.  Somehow, Pensacola seems more interesting than Daytona this year 'cause I've met a sane, intelligent lady.  Actually, sanity being a very subjective thing,  She IS crazy but, on the other hand, so am I and, therefore, you're crazy and we're not!  So there...Pppbbbbtttt!!!!! Hey, bear with me guys; I'm waaay outa practice at this relationship thingie, so expect some silliness.

In case anyone is wondering about the pic of the scoot at the top of the page, that was my first bike, way back in '62.  I was stationed at Ft Carson, Colorado and bought it from a guy who had it in Europe, brought it back, and had to make a choice between his marriage and his scoot.  My gain and his loss!  Unfortunately, it was totalled in an inter-vehicular altercation...but that's another story for another day.
A whole ten days have gone by....and the last week of it has been SICK!..At least, I've been.  The Doc said it was bronchitis and a touch of pneumonia, and I'm STILL down.  After six days of antibiotics, pills and inhalants, I'm ready to ride.  The question is: will my body be.  I'd really like to make the Foley Sonic ride-in since I missed the Milton one last week, but this week has at least told me you're only as old as you feel and, at the moment,  I'm ancient!  The one bright spot has been my Lady.  She came over and took care of me and, if she can put up with the hacking and spitting, maybe she can put up with anything.  I think she's for real!  Sorry, ladies, I'm no longer available. 

For ABATE members and non-members alike, this Sunday, the 18th, is the regular meeting of the Gulf Coast Chapter.  Remember, 10:30 AM at the American Legion on Ashland Avenue, and come early for the great buffet breakfast! 
Eleven days since I've dropped in...hmmmm.  Some of it is something of a blur, but I did manage to make every day of work last week...even if I am running on a couple less cylinders than I should.  I made the Foley ride-in, as well as Nine Mile Road, and that helped me feel better than all the medication I had been taking for weeks prior.  Now, if I can just get the old body back to 100% soon.  The calendar is filling rapidly, so check out the "What's Happening" page for all the events coming up. 

Ah, friends, another fortnight since I've dropped in here (Hey, what the #&*% is a fortnight?).  Anyway, it's been a while... Unfortunately,  I've been missing some of this wonderful weekend riding weather as the work situation has been demanding that I work some weekends.  Doubly unfortunately, I'll have to miss the Freedom Rally in Tallahassee, so I need as many of you as possible to go in my place.  Not only is this going to one GREAT party, but it will be an opportunity to show about 70 brand new legislators that the bikers of Florida are a force to be reckoned with!  You don't have to be a member of ABATE to go, but I think you'll find  that it's a great organization to be associated with. 

If you want  more information, contact Doc at Souther Cycle Accessories in Pace at (850)994-8727.  At the Gulf Coast Chapter meeting on Sunday, the 8th,  groups will be organizing to ride over on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the 12th, 13th and 14th.  You might note that the meeting is early this  month, so as not to conflict with the Freedom Rally.  DO try to make it.
Ah friends, another beautiful weekend down and, hopefully, the last weekend I have to work for a long time!  Friday night was a great riding night and we started it by going to The Fuel Station on Davis Hwy.  If you haven't been there yet, you're missing out on probably the only real biker bar in Pensacola.  It's located next to the Easyriders Store, just north of the Fairfield intersection.  It's got COLD beer and a nice deck to sit on, and lots of paved parking area. 

From there, we cruised over to O'Riley's, and then wound up at Chan's on Nine Mile Rd.  On Sunday, we had a nice fun run after the ABATE meeting, taking the scenic route to the FloraBama on Perdido Key.  After we got our fill of tourists, we hit the road again and wound up (guess where!) The Fuel Station again.  With lots of good friends and lousy pool  players, it was the perfect way to end the weekend. 

Yet another beautiful weekend and I'm here in Pensacola while all my  friends are in Tallahassee (actually, at a KOA outside Monticello),  getting ready for tomorrow's ride to the Capital to visit our legislators.  I, on the other hand, will be getting up about 4AM to  help unload a truck at work.  Ah, what we have to do to be able to afford to ride!  I'm sorry to say that I missed the ride-in at the Milton Sonic on Friday night, but my son dropped by and, by the time we finished chatting, it was really too late to get there. 

I did get to the Fuel Station for a cold one, though, and ran into some of you, my loyal readers.  It's funny being recognized from the pic at the top of this page, but it is nice to know someone appreciates what I'm trying to do.  After that, I rode over to the Mailbu on Gulf Beach Hwy and ran into a few friends who weren't going to Tally this weekend.  By the way, if  you want to hear some good music, check out Nation of One.  They'll be coming back to the Bu, but I'm not sure if it's next weekend, or the one after that.  Check the Weekender in Friday's PNJ for local bands.
Another beautiful weekend down and it's raining outside right now.  It was so gorgeous riding over to Foley on Friday evening; the sun was setting with those beautiful bands of orange and purple in the evening clouds, the temperature was perfect, and I was only a half mile from the Sonic when one of Baldwin County's finest flashed me to pull over.     As he walked to my bike, he asked me, "Do you know why I stopped you?"  I thought I might have been a tad over the speed limit, but when he tapped his head, I suddenly remembered that I had forgotten to put on my helmet when I crossed the Lillian bridge.  Ever feel really dumb?  I'll let you know how much the fine is when I find out.  Oh, well... any lesson learned without having to grow new skin is a cheap lesson. 

I've been in e-mail correspondance with a member of Arkansas ABATE,  and they are doing a ride here down on May 5.  I'm hoping we can have a get together with them, but I'll keep you informed on that one.  Other than that, nothing much is happening, except for a full slate of events around the area.  Check out the "Happenings" page and let me know if there's something I've missed.  Also, check out my links page; I've added some new ones for you Gold Wingers as well as some others. Hope to see a bunch of you at the Nine Mile Road Sonic on Friday, the 27th.
Okay, boys and girls; I promised you that I'd fill you in on the Alabama helmet ticket situation when I found out, so here it is. (But, first, I DID remember to put it on this time before I rode to Foley)  It's a good news-bad news situation.  For the good news, a ticket for riding without a helmet is only $10.  The BAD news is that court costs (whether you go to court or not) is $104.50!!!  Egad, a $124.50 lesson in life.  Of course, that was a whole lot less than either of my divorces.  Will some of you Alabama folks PLEASE get ABATE going over there! 

Now for an update on the Arkansas ABATE folks coming down here for a visit.  Firejax will be leading a group of 11 scoots/passengers on Saturday, May 5th.  They plan on leaving Biloxi that morning, taking  the Dauphin Island Ferry to Ft Morgan and riding the coast into Pensacola.  He's going to call me and give an ETA for the Florida  line, and I'm (as well as anyone who wants to join us) going to meet them there and lead them into their lodgings at the Ramada Inn at I-10 and Pine Forest Road.  I know that's the day of the poker run from the Flor-Bama to The Dock, but if you'd like to join in, drop me an e-mail and I'll let you know as soon as I hear something definite.  We'll probably doing something Saturday night and, perhaps, Sunday, as well. 

As far as riding goes, I don't need to tell anyone how nice it was this last weekend.  We had a nice turnout at the Nine Mile Road  Sonic, but I'd really like to see a mob scene there next month.  Has anyone been researching a place to ride for the first Fridays of the month?  C'mon folks, we have an open date that needs filling!  Well, that's it for this edition of The Coyote's Ramblings.  I hope to see y'all next weekend and  until then, be happy, be careful, be safe and remember, Freedom isn't free; we have to fight for it! 
One more week down and we're really getting into the riding season  (for you folks who aren't from the Pensacola area, that just means no more jackets 'til Fall; we ride all year-round, here).  There are events every weekend, so there's no shortage of places to ride to.  Thunder Beach has kicked off in Panama City and will wrap up this next weekend, and all the Memorial Day doings are just two weeks away, so make your choices now.  I have quite a few listed on my "Happenings" page, but I'm sure there are more I haven't even caught. 

I'm gonna digress from riding stuff here for a bit (No, this does involve riding, so there!)  I just had a minor surgery done last week...a little pre-cancerous spot, as the Doc called  it...and I went through the burning stage, the itching stage, and now, the leave the scab alone so it doen't make a bigger scar stage.  I know we're all familiar with the phrase, "in the wind".  What we sometimes forget is that also means "in the sun".  If you're like me and have spent much of your life enjoying the sunshine, please, be aware that this can greatly increase your chances for skin cancer.  Keep an eye open for any sores that don't want to heal or scabby places that don't want to clear up and don't feel like they're not worth mentioning to your doctor.  This stuff can be life-threatening or, at the very least, disfiguring.  'Nuf preaching, friends...just take care of yourselves so we can all enjoy each others' company for a long, long time. 

If you're not heading to PC for Thunder Beach on Friday, the 11th, y'all stop by the Sonic in Milton that evening for some food and fellowship.  I hope to see you there and until then, be happy, be careful, be safe and remember, Freedom isn't free; we have to fight  for it!
One lousy week I've missed updating my ramblings...geez, get a life! (end of guilt trip)  I did make it over to Panama City for Thunder Beach one day last weekend, though.  As far as I'm concerned, the best part of it was watching the guy ride the "Wall of Death" and  seeing people slung up into the air in the Slingshot!  My only other comment is a "no comment" as far as the entertainment, vendors and venue go. 

Sorry I missed the Foley Sonic ride-in on Friday night; I didn't get home from work until almost 7, so it was almost 9 by the time I ate and changed, so I just hung around town and stopped by the Fuel Station, and then, Chan's.  Saturday was another strange one, running into a wall of rain on I-10 on the way to the poker run at Southern Cycle .  Then, after putting around town, visiting folks and  heading back to the house to eat, I dicovered at about 8PM  that Willie Nelson was on at Springfest at 7PM, so I even missed him.  Ever have one of those day late and a dollar short weeks? 
To top off the whole thing, my boss has scheduled me to work 1 - close on next Friday and 9 - 3 on Saturday...just to mess up my Memorial Day weekend.  Oh, well...there's going to be a whole mess of stuff going on around town, so you'll probably see me at one or another.  Check out the "Happenings" page to see  what's when and where.
One more time, into the breach, dear friends...  Okay, so it doesn't make any sense unless you're sitting on my side of the screen.  Memorial Day weekend was a hoot!  If you weren't at The Fuel Station last Saturday night for the wet t-shirt and wet boxer contests, you missed a real trip.  The festivities were in full swing with high enthusiasm and great competativeness when I noticed a Ford Crown Victoria making a u-turn in the middle of Davis Hwy.  Now, in MY experience, there are only two groups of folks who drive Crown Vickies: old folks and police officers...and the old folks aren't  usually doing expert u-turns and coming to a stop in the median.  After sitting there for about 30 seconds, it drove slowly off, and I was expecting a swarm of marked back-ups to show shortly to break up the lewd and lascivious behavior (their usual term) taking place within clear view of Davis Hwy.  To my surprise and relief, nobody showed up except more of us scooter trash.  I guess Escambia County's finest preferred our festivities to those which were probably going on over on Santa Rosa Island. 

On Sunday, the ride to The Wall South was awesome!  I was right about in the middle of the pack and, by my estimation, there was about a mile of scoots to the front AND to the rear of me.  The reception along the route was wonderful and my most  impressive  memory is of the one old man on Cervantes who held a steady  salute for the entire procession.  SOME people do still remember!  After the Run, there was another party at The Fuel Station, albeit, a much more sedate one.  Let's try to give the folks there our support so we can continue to have a nice friendly biker bar to go to. 

We still have a lot of activities coming up, not the least of which is the ABATE Bears for Bears Run on Sunday, the 3d.  It's free, with the only requirement that you bring a new stuffed animal (not too big, please; the officers carry them in their trunks for traumatized  kids).  It's starting from Southern Cycle in Pace, and will run to the Santa Rosa Sheriff's Dept.  Be sure and get there early as there are only 250 ride pins at $5 each, and should go fast.