The Coyote's Ramblings - 2000
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Don't know if you noticed or not, but there's a new pic of the Coyote at the top.  The old one was about 2 years old and there's a lot of new gray so I thought I'd try truth in advertising.  Kinda wind-blown, though.  Hmmm, just noticed I hadn't updated since last Friday...well, Friday night started at Bike Night at the Sonic in Foley.  Only about 50 bikes showed up, but it WAS the weekend of Biketoberfest, as well as Charlie Daniels at the fair, so I guess that was a fair turnout.  Coming back to P'cola, I stopped at D'Yahn's for a cold Amber Bock and found out  they had opened up the side room for a band and you could actually hold a conversation at the bar while the band was playing....for a change. 
Ran into an old friend and found out he had quit his old job at the local HD dealership and was opening his own shop on Pine Forest Road called, naturally, Pine Forest Cycles.  They don't have a sign yet, but they are ready to service harleys and will be getting parts and accessories in soon.  Saturday was run-around day to get my ABATE stuff together before Sunday's meeting and I did go to the fair Saturday night.  Loretta Lynn was great, but the sound system up the  wazoo!  After wandering around the midway for a bit, found a tent at  the back featuring local bands and, hallaluia, Ultraviolet was playing. Great band and, guess what, they had Amber Bock on draft.  It didn't  get any better than that. 

Sunday, after the ABATE meeting, a bunch of us were invited to ride up to a youth camp in the Blackwater forest.  This is a level 4 camp for  non-violent juvenile offenders 13 to 18.  Their counselor had told us  that they didn't get many visitors and would like to see the scoots.  Of course they also told us no weapons and take the keys out of the    scoots, 'cause we didn't want to give these kids any more temptations.  It was a great ride up, except for the last mile or so down a really dusty dirt road.  I was eating grit for a couple of hours.  It was nice visit and I think the boys enjoyed it.  Of the 18 boys there, only 3  (I think) had visitors other than us.  All in all, a very good weekend.
Friday night...and I'm not yet falling asleep...amazing!  Of course, it could be 'cause I'm on a mini-vacation, taking a three-day weekend,  and didn't have to get up at 3:30 this morning.  Just to celebrate, I  went out last night riding around and stopped by O'Riley's to see  what a Thursday night looked like (I'm usually in bed by 7:30 or 8).   Turns out that the 151 Band has an open jam session on Thursday and  it was kicking.  Lots of blues and old rock...and cold Amber Bock. 

Today was a just running around day and, in the course of things, I found myself on Pine Forest Road, so I stopped by Pine Forest Cycles.  They have a temporary sign up and actually have a couple of customer already.  They specialize in late model Harley's and expect their parts and accessories to start coming in next week.  Stop by and say hi! 

I was noticing that some of my pics in other parts are outdated, so  I'll be trying to update those as I get the chance.  In the meantime, if anybody out there is watching, how about some feedback on the new format.  Some of you asked for it, so....?  I'm planning on making the Fairhope "Cruising for Kids" tomorrow, and taking the Experienced Rider Course on Sunday, so it may be a couple of days before I get back for another update.  Keep checking the "Happening" page; it's filling up fast with scads of stuff to do around the area.  Hope to see you there
Sunday night and getting ready to settle in for the night...Saturday,  I DID make it to Fairhope and wound up missing getting a free t-shirt by two places in line.  I was #102 of the total 107 bikes, and they only had 100 t's to give out.  Oh, was a good ride, anyway.  Somehow, I wound up in the lead, following a Baldwin County deputy for 45 miles.  We even got up to 50mph once, for about a half mile.  That's the only thing I don't like about these escorted rides...too slow.  Free sodas, hot dogs and pizza when we got back, and I still didn't win any door prizes! 

Saturday night was a running night; started at O'Riley's for one set  with the 151 Band and ran into some friends.  We decided to go to Chan's from there and ran into some more folks we knew.  The Hard T' Hold Band was rocking and so were some of the other clientel, but security managed to get the real disruptors out, but the place was still too crowded for my liking.  One of the bro's said that Tiger Blue was playing at the Malibu, so I hopped on the scoot and headed back to my side of town....and enjoyed hearing the guys again.  I've missed them since they lost their regular gig at O'Riley's when they closed for a few months. 

I found out late Saturday that the Experienced Rider Course I was going to take Sunday was cancelled, and I didn't really feel like running over to Destin for the Pumpkin Run, so it was a good morning for finding out what that annoying squeak was that I'd developed in  my rear brake.  Couldn't find a blessed thing wrong, except a lot of brake dust and grime, but I gave it a good cleaning and fresh white lithium on the cam.  Must have been the dust, 'cause the squeak seems to be gone.  Dunno!  After that, just ran around a bit: T&W Flea Market to see some friends there, and then out to The Reef (Amber Bock time!).  Didn't stick around for the Land Sharks to start playing, but I forgot that the sun set an hour earlier today, so it was kinda cool riding home.  Nice weekend...hope you had a good one, too. 
Another week down and closer to the holidays.  If you check out the "Happenings" page, you'll see a lot of Toy Runs coming up.  I think we all like to help those less fortunate than ourselves, but buying toys and participating in charities isn't necessarily the only way  to go.  I've been blessed with pretty good health for most of my 57 years, so I like to help out in a different way.  Did you know that only about 5% of the population gives blood?  Granted, not everyone can, for various reasons (for instance, I can't give for a year after getting each tattoo), and I can't begrudge them that, but when you  know a brother or sister is down in an accident, many times that blood could save a life. 

I'd like to throw a challenge out there: during this holiday season, go down to the Northwest Florida Blood Bank and donate a pint of that precious stuff.  It'll take about 45 minutes of your time, it hurts a hell of a lot less than banging your knuckles with a slipped wrench, and you just might help save a brother's life.  Trust me, I know; I've got 57 pints recorded (don't know how many I gave in the Army) and does give you a good feeling. 

Well, folks, let's try this again.  This has got to be at least the third or fourth time I've tried to update the ramblings and gotten kicked off-line before I could save it!  Last Friday was the Bike Night at the Sonic in Milton, and the turnout  was pretty light.  We guessed it was a combination of the cold weather (wusses!) and a couple of hotly contested high school football games.  Whatever the cause, we DID get Sonic to promise that they'd start serving hot coffee by the time December's Bike Night rolled around. 

Sunday was Ft Walton Beach's Toys 4 Tots Run and a whole bunch of folks showed  up despite still being pretty chilly in the early morning.  It did warm up considerably during the day but I still put the leathers back on for the night-time ride back to Pensacola.  Have you ever noticed that there is NO good time for traffic on 98?  The weather's not looking good for this weekend's activities either.  Rain can really hurt Foley Sonic's Bike Night this Friday but let's keep our fingers crossed that The Shop's annual Turkey Trot Swapmeet and runs aren't rained out.  I really hate to see electric guitars and basses in the rain.  I guess this is enough rambling for now. Be sure and make your plans for December 3d, when we have OUR Toys For Tots Run.  Ultraviolet will be playing for the party afterward...and they KICK!  Welcome home, Muffy.
Geez, has it really been 10 days since I've updated this?  Well, to catch up, work has been a bitch.  For those of you who don't know, I work in retail...and I've already had enough Christmas carols to last me 'til next year...and the merchandise is pouring in!  Getting  up at 2:45 AM last Friday to work a truck at 4AM about did me in, but this last weekend was a blast.  The Shop managed to have almost perfect weather for the rescheduled Turkey Trot. It was a bit cool Saturday morning and I didn't go on  the poker run, but the band and fellowship was good.  On Sunday, it was perfect!  I did go on the Turkey Trot and, as usual, didn't even come close to winning.  In fact, I even missed the first stop.  When  I saw those two women waving at me from the side of the road, I thought they just wanted to ride, but I was too busy to stop.  Hey, a guy can dream, can't he.  When we got back to The Shop, the turkey dinner was cooked and I  pigged out, along with a lot of other folks.  Spent the rest of the day socializing and admiring scoots, which is a pretty good way to spend a Sunday, anyway.  On top of all that, I've got a blind date  for next weekend's Toys For Tots Run.  Be sure and make your plans for December 3d for the Run.  Ultraviolet will be playing for the party afterward...and they KICK!  Thanks, Muffy....I think.  I'll let you know next Sunday.
Once again, I've let a week slip away from me.  Of course, working retail around Christmas will do that for you (..or TO you).  Only two week to go!  Of course, Christmas is for the kids and THAT was a great success for our Toys for Tots Run last weekend.  The weather was wonderful, if a bit cool, BUT it wasn't raining like last year and, for that, we are most grateful!  This was the best turn-out we've had yet...over 500 scoots...and we got a bit overwhelmed in the registration process, so we're not sure of the exact number.   All I know for sure is that, as we were turning off Hwy 29 in Ensley, the bikes were still coming under I-10, and it was awesome! Kudos to American Legion Post 340 for hosting the after-run party!    Ultraviolet kicked some butt, but had to cut the gig short when the lead singer got sick.  Hope you're feeling better now.  We filled several trucks with toys for kids and had a great afternoon of  fellowship. 

After the door prize drawings, things wound down, so the partying continued in small groups heading off in all directions.  We started off at Woodsie's on Mobile Hwy, then went to the Malibu on Gulf Beach Hwy, and ended up at Kooter Brown's West for dinner...losing a scoot here and there to shorted wires, bad starters and  assorted road gremlins.  Ever push-start a Gold Wing on Mobile Hwy?  At least, it was down hill!  Well, time to end this episode of the Ramblings.  I'm gonna have to miss tonight's Bike Night at the Milton Sonic since I'm working the  later shift tonight..but at least, I didn't have to get up at 3:30 to unload that truck at 5AM.  I think my boss is starting to take  pity on my old bones (and joints)! 

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all that stuff!  Okay, so I'm not being all that sentimental, but the nose is still running and the chest is still congested; this is as good as it gets for now.  Of  course, when I broke down and went to the Doc, he said I was about  two days away from full-blown pneumonia, so this IS pretty good!  With everyone doing family stuff at this time of year, there doesn't  seem to be much going on to report on, so start thinking about the Freedom Run in Tallahassee in April. We're riding free for now but  all that could change when the Legislature goes into session in March.  We need to stay alert to threats to our freedom and be ready to respond.  Remember, Freedom isn't free; we have to fight for it! 
Happy New Year's Eve Eve....and it's too damned cold to ride tonight!  Of course, I may go stir-crazy, put on my balaclava, and go for it anyway.  I did go to O'Riley's last night and it was a real cool 34 out, but tonight is supposed to get even colder.  When I took a walk around the yard a little while ago, the ice in the birdbath from last night hadn't even melted yet.  Doesn't the weather know this is supposed to be Florida? 

I've had invites to three different parties tomorrow night, but I think I'm going to go to the one closest to home for several reasons: one, because it won't be as long a cold ride home; two, because someone is supposed to be there whom I haven't seen in a while, and I'd like to see her, and: three, because I have to work on Monday and I can get some sleep sooner (see number one).  All three are with good friends so I had to have SOME rational reasons to make the decision.  I hope all of you have a safe and Happy New Year's and be REAL careful tomorrow night.  Even if we don't over-indulge and impair our riding abilities, there is still going to be a bunch of drunken idiots out there, aiming at us.