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This is the place where where I periodically (meaning whenever I feel like it, or get around to it) ramble on about whatever I feel like rambling on about.  If anybody is bored enough to want to read my old ramblings, just click on the appropriate year, below, to read them.  (Y'know, you really SHOULD get a life!)
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Mr. Drippy pants and boots is back from his little ride out Mobile Hwy.  I got to the Ruby's turn off and thought I felt some misting so I didn't stop but, rather, took a loop around the new boat launch and headed back east.  It was still faintly light enough that I could see rain to the north but I was getting real close to reserve so I stopped for gas at the Tom Thumb at Nine Mile and CR99.  Wouldn't you know it but a steady rain started as soon as I pulled out.
It rained the entire way home, mostly lightly, but enough that headlight flare in the drops on my glasses made it mainly by instinct.  I'm just glad I could still see fairly clearly when a buck crossed just in front of me on Mobile Hwy near the weigh station.  It gave me a slight adrenaline rush but I've been half way expecting it on that stretch of road at sundown.
Okay, gonna shut it down for now and finish drying off; this A/C is getting a tad chilly.  Until next time, take care, ride safe, be good to one another and I'll seeya out there.  Namaste, y'all! 
Sorry it's been six weeks since the last Ramble, but the Ol' Coyote is slowing down in his old age and his attention has shifted from here to Facebook.  I was just reviewing those posts since the last Ramble and it seems that most of my energies have been expended on re-doing the front porch.  With the help of a friend, I removed the deck we installed so we could get Mom's wheelchair out there and have been fixing and painting it.  We had to get rid of the old aluminum storm door to fit the decking, so I replaced that old mill-finished door with a nice white one, again, with the help from another friend.
Now, I'm just prettying it up with fresh paint but the sanding and other prep work doesn't agree with my arthritis so it is getting done in slow batches.  Just about for the same reasons, as well as all the little projects, my riding is getting done in small batches with, consequently, little to report.  I'm going to TRY to update the Ramblings more regularly, so please bear with me.
In the meantime, my coffee cup runneth low and my back is telling me to get up and move around some more, so I'm gonna shut this one down for now.  Until next time then, take care, ride safe, be good to one another and I hope I seeya out there.  Namaste, y'all! 
It has been brought to my attention that The Coyote's Ramblings has not been updated in nearly 3 months and that brings to mind two thoughts...first, since it has taken this long for someone to notice and comment, my audience has shrunken significantly and, second, my life commentary has shifted to Facebook.  Therefore, this is, in all likelihood, my last Ramble.  It's been a good run, I suppose, as blogs go, but if anyone is interested in continuing to follow me, I'm found on Facebook as Bud Trees.
As far as bringing you up to date since the prior entry, the Ol' Coyote has met a lady, fallen in love and we now reside together in Casa Coyote. We're quite happy with the arrangement and I hope y'all wish us well.  With that said, for the last time on here, take care, ride safe, be good to one another and I hope I seeya out there.  Namaste, y'all!