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Any event listed here should be open to any and all participants, regardless of organization, affiliation, or brand of bike.  Also, please be aware some linked sites may contain adult content beyond my control.  This website is best read with font size set at medium.  Otherwise there may be some overlap, making it difficult to read.  ******************************************************************************************************************************
In order to obtain a motorcycle endorsement on your Florida Driver's license, you must have passed the Basic Motorcycle Rider's Course. This, as well as other courses, is offered by:
Motorcyle Rider Academy-Pensacola 850.456.2277 or http://www.bikertraining.net
Pensacola State College 850.484.1797, 850.484.1700, 888.897.3605 or http://www.pensacolastate.edu
Southern Motorsports Safety800.585.4748, or http://pensacolamotorcyclecourse.com
Northwest Florida State College 850.678.5111  
The rates vary from $185 to $299 and are subject to change.
For military and DOD Civilian employees, the Navy offers a free course. They furnish motorcycles and helmets. Dependents and retirees may take the course on a space available basis. Sorry no contractor employees. To register, go online to: http://navymotorcyclerider.com , navigate to NAS Pensacola and look for the next available course. Contact the NAS Safety Office @ 850.452.3674 for assistance.
COMING EVENTS(highlighted events were presented at the annual planning meeting, please support them):
Feb 17(Sun) - ABATE of Florida, Gulf Coast Chapter Meeting.  AmLeg340, Ashland Ave, Pensacola, FL. Breakfast,9:30AM; meeting,10.
If you wish to send me additional info on your event, please wait until a month or so before the date to send it.  That will allow me to be more accurate with your inclusion.  It would be greatly appreciated, AND contribute to accuracy, if you send me the info via plain text or as a JPG of your ride flier in an e-mail. Please note also that, due to space limitations and my own laziness, I don't include all stops on poker runs.  If you notice input errors or changes, please send those to me as soon as you can so I may correct them. 
I've been running this as a free site for nearly 20 years so remember, folks, you get what you pay for.  I have been known, however, to gratefully accept an occasional refreshing adult carbonated beverage (that's BEER, preferably Yuengling, to you unitiated) as a token of your appreciation and esteem.
Apr 25(Thu) - Bike NightHD Dealer, Pensacola, FL.  6-9.  Jaynie, 850.494.1224x127 
Apr 26-28(Fri-Sun)- 22d Ann Leesburg Bike Fest.  Leesburg, FL.  http://leesburgbikefest.com  
Apr 27(Sat) - Veterans MC 3d Anniversary Party.  Clubhouse, 1300 Dog Track Rd, Pensacola, FL.  Carl, 850.218.8892 
May 1-5(Wed-Sun) -21st Ann Thunder Beach Spring Rally.  Panama City Beach, FL.  http://thunderbeachproductions.com   
May 2-5(Thu-Sun) - Backwoods Thunder Rally.  Jack, AL. 
May 2-5(Thu-Sun) - 5th Ann Emerald Coast Bike Fest.  Emerald Coast HD, FWB, FL.  Sarah, 850.862.4706  or www.emeraldcoasthd.com
May 4(Fri) - 8th Ann SFB MC Spring Poker Run.  KC's Bar, FWB, FL.  Sam, 850.217.9371 
May 9(Thu) - Bike NightHD Dealer, Pensacola, FL.  6-9.  Jaynie, 850.494.1224x127 
May 10-12(Fri-Sun) - 34th Ann NCOM Convention.  Orlando, FL.  http://onabike.com/event/2019-ncom-convention-in-orlando-florida 
May 11(Sat) - Fire and Iron Charity Ride.  TBD. 
May 12(Sun) - Domestic Violence Poker Run.  TBD, Panama City, FL. 
May 18(Sat) - PTSD Ride.  AmLeg235, FWB, FL.  Flash,
May 18(Sat) - Ride to Remember Veterans.  HD Dealer, Panama City Beach, FL. 
Feb 22(Fri) - Gavulic Memorial Ride.  Emerald Coast HD, FWB, FL.  Sarah, 850.862.4706 
Feb 23(Sat) -ABATE Chili Cook-off.  HD Dealer, Pensacola, FL.  10.  JL, 850.896.9694 
Feb 23(Sat) - Autism Run.  HD Dealer, Panama City Beach, FL. 
Feb 28(Thu) - Bike Night/Mardi Gras Party. Emerald Coast HD, FWB, FL.  6-9.  Sarah, 850.862.4706  or www.emeraldcoasthd.com
Feb 28-Mar 3(Thu-Sun) - Stock Law Gap Rally.  Georgiana, AL. Adult only! 
Mar 1-2(Fri-Sat) - 15th Ann Make-a-wish Auction and Ride.  D&R Tavern, Pensacola, FL.  Fri,Auction/Party, 6:30; Sat dice run, Reg,9: FBO,9:30; LBI,3;30. $10.   Doug, 850.232.8000 or Renee, 850.232.2013 
Mar 2(Sat) - VNVLVMC Mardi Gras Dice Run & Crawfish Boil.  Clubhouse, 12 Paul St, Pensacola, FL.  Reg, 8:30; FBO,10:30.  $10.  Kahuna, 850.776.0660 or Ballgag, 850.785.8214 
Mar 3(Sun) - Hogs for Dogs Adoption Event.  Emerald Coast HD, FWB, FL.  12-4.  Sarah, 850.862.4706  
Mar 7-17(Thu-Sun) - Bike Week.  Daytona Beach, FL. http://officialbikeweek.com
Mar 9(Sat) - Fallen Warrior Memorial Ride. AmLeg382, Navarre, FL.  9:30.  Cory, 850.240.8842 
Mar 4(Thu) - Bike Night.  HD Dealer, Pensacola, FL.  6-9.  Jaynie, 850.494.1224x127 
Mar 16(Sat) -Bikes on the Bay Bike Show.  Maritime Park, Pensacola, FL. 
Mar 16(Sat) - Anchorage Childrens Home.  AmLeg402, Panama City Beach, FL.  9. 
Mar 16(Sat) - Poker Run.  AmVet292, Pensacola, FL.  10.  Carolyn, 303.888.9300 
Mar 16(Sat) - St Patricks Day Cookout.  Emerald Coast HD, FWB, FL.  12-3.  Sarah, 850.862.4706  orwww.emeraldcoasthd.com
Mar 16(Sat) - Combat Vets Dice Run. AmLeg155, Eight Mile, AL.  Doug, 251.599.3123 
Mar 16(Sat) - PAWS on the Throttle Poker Run.  PAWS, FWB, FL.  Manda, 850.374.1962 
Jan 25(Fri) - The Panhandle Clash.  Pensacola Dirt Track, Pensacola, FL.  6PM, short track racing.  13 classes. Gen adm $10, pit pass, $20.  850.456.0354 
Jan 26(Sat) - The Panhandle Clash.  Southern Raceway, Milton, FL.  2PM, Super TT racing; 6PM, 3/8 oval racing. 13 classes. Gen adm $10, pit pass, $20.  850.456.0354  
Jan 26(Sat) - Hurricane Michael Relief Poker Run.  HD Dealer, Panama City Beach, FL.  Reg,9; KSU,11.  $15/$5.  850.334.0055 
Feb 2(Sat) - Starla Ride VIII.  Coastal Al Comm College, Bay Minette AL.  10.  MsOnDaGo, 251.802.9638 
Feb 2(Sat) - Tailgate Party & Giveaway.  Emerald Coast HD, FWB, FL.  12-3.  Sarah, 850.862.4706 orwww.emeraldcoasthd.com 
Feb 2(Sat) - 4th Ann Dylan Corbin Mem Run.  TJ's, Panama City Beach, FL.  Reg,9; FBO;10; LBI,3.  $10. Live music, raffle, food.  850.814.8783 
Feb 2(Sat) - Eagles Talon 10th Ann Celebration.  Copter Rd, Pensacola, FL.  9-4.  Food, 9-2.  Martha, 850.475.0808 
Feb 15-16(Fri-Sat) - USMVMC 6th Ann Meet & Greet & Party.  Back Porch Tavern, Pensacola, FL.  Fri,6; Sat,2.  Mouse, 850.982.1947 
Feb 16(Sat) -New Ride Demo Day.  Emerald Coast HD, FWB, FL.  12-4.  Sarah, 850.862.4706 or www.emeraldcoasthd.com 
Feb 16(Sat) -Bikes and Baskets for Leticia.  Live Oak Landing, AL.  Reg,11; KSU,12; Auction,2. 
Mar 23(Sat) - Shamrock n Ride for Fisher House.  AmLeg378, Gulf Breeze, FL.  Frenchie, 850.777.9116 
Mar 23(Sat) -Swap Meet. HD Dealer, Panama City Beach, FL. 
Mar 24(Sun) - Riding for AHEROS.  TBD. 
Mar 24(Sun) - 6th Ann KC's Poker Run.  KC's Sand Bar & Grill, FWB, FL.  Sam, 850.217.9371 
Mar 28(Thu) - Bike Night.  HD Dealer, Pensacola, FL.  6-9.  Jaynie, 850.494.1224x127 
Mar 30(Sat) - Bobby Wood Mem Ride for Crestview DAV.  FWB, FL.  Cardiac, 937.750.8557 
Apr 4(Thu) - Bike Night. Emerald Coast HD, FWB, FL.  6-9.  Sarah, 850.862.4706  or www.emeraldcoasthd.com
Apr 6(Sat) - Spring Open House.  Adventure Motorsports, Pensacola, FL.  10-4.  Tod, 850.466.5324 
Apr 6(Sat) - 6th Ann Ride for PTSD Awareness. HD Dealer, Pensacola, FL.  Goose, 850.497.2898 
Apr 6(Sat) - 6th Ann Michael Anaya Poker Run.  AmLeg75, Crestview, FL.  Bob, 850.758.0483 
Apr 6(Sat) - 7th Ann Fugarwe Pig Roast.  H&D Cycles, Lillian, AL.  Zippy, 251.213.1284 
Apr 6(Sat) -6th Ann Twisted MC Bike Blessing.  Pensacola Motorsports, Pensacola, FL. Reg,10; KSU,11. $10/$5. Ride pins, 1st 100. Picnic follows.   Jay, 850.221.5114 
Apr 6(Sat) - 14th Ann April Nicole's Autism Ride.  Ollie's Bar, Milton, FL.  Steve, 850.324.0295 
Apr 7(Sun) - 23d Ann Motorcycle Show/Fundraiser.  Dauphin Island, AL.  10. 
Apr 11-14(Thu-Sun) - Spring Kick Ass Event.  HD Dealer, Pensacola, FL.  Jaynie, 850.494.1224x127 
Apr 11(Thu) - Bike NightHD Dealer, Pensacola, FL.  6-9.  Jaynie, 850.494.1224x127 
Apr 12-14(Fri-Sun) - ALR340 RompAmLeg340, Pensacola, FL.  Martha, 850.393.7527 
Apr 13-15(Sat-Mon) - 22d Ann ABATE Freedom Rights Rally & Ride to the CapitalSuper 8, Monticello, FL.  JL, 850.894.9694 
Apr 13(Sat) - Project Search Ride for UWF.  Eagles Talon, Pensacola, FL.  J Rock, 850.261.3187 
Apr 13(Sat) - Poker Run for Florida State Veterans Homes.  AmVet12, Pensacola, FL.  Dan, 850.453.2155 
Apr 13(Sat) - Corn Hole Tournament.  Emerald Coast HD, FWB, FL.  12-5.  Sarah, 850.862.4706  or www.emeraldcoasthd.com
Apr 13(Sat) - Poker Run for Suicide Prevention.  Emerald Coast HD, FWB, FL.  Go Fast, 843.441.4180 
Apr 18(Thu) - Ladies Garage Party.  Emerald Coast HD, FWB, FL.  7-9.  Sarah, 850.862.4706  or www.emeraldcoasthd.com
Apr 20(Sat) - Wild Thangz 5th Ann Run for Autism.  TBD.  Bullet, 850.261.7106 
Apr 20(Sat) - Angelman Ride.  AmLeg240, Pensacola, FL.  Bruce, 850.261.7106 
Apr 20(Sat) - Sandollar MC Bunny Run.  TBD, FWB, FL.  Joejoe@sandollarmotorcycleclub.com 
Apr 20(Sat) -Friar Tuck Run.  TBD, Panama City, FL. 
Apr 20(Sat) - Vets Helping Vets Corp Poker Run.  TBD, Niceville, FL.  Bagger Jim, 850.240.1583 
May 20(Mon) - 31st Ann Ride to The Wall.  TBD.  David, 850.982.1093 
May 23(Thu) - Bike NightHD Dealer, Pensacola, FL.  6-9.  Jaynie, 850.494.1224x127 
May 25-26(Sat-Sun) - 24th Ann Southern Ride to The Wall.  AmLeg340, Pensacola, FL. 
May 26(Sun) - Rolling Thunder XXXII.  Washington, D.C. 
May 27(Mon) - Memorial Day Ride.  Palm Plaza, Niceville, FL.  Jim, 850.240.1583 
Jun 1(Sat) - ABATE's Mutt/Poker Run.  TBD. JL, 850.896.9694 
Jun 6(Thu) - Bike NightHD Dealer, Pensacola, FL.  6-9.  Jaynie, 850.494.1224x127 
Jun 8(Sat) - Wicked Rydaz Ride for Battens Disease.  TBD.  Sho-Nuff, 850.288.9659 
Jun 15(Sat) -Chariots of Pensacola MC June Jam.  Eagles Talon, Pensacola, FL.  Stew, 850.380.2095 
Jun 15(Sat) -Fathers Day Giveaway.  Emerald Coast HD, FWB, FL.  Sarah, 850.862.4706  or www.emeraldcoasthd.com
Jun 20(Thu) - Bike NightHD Dealer, Pensacola, FL.  6-9.  Jaynie, 850.494.1224x127 
Jun 27(Thu) - Bike Night.  Emerald Coast HD, FWB, FL.  6-9.  Sarah, 850.862.4706  or www.emeraldcoasthd.com
Jun 29(Sat) -7th Ann Cops on Top Memorial Ride.  McKenzie Motors, Milton, FL.  Reg,8; KSU,10.  $20/$10(incl lunch).  Ride pins 1st 100. Escorted.  Bill, 850.544.1884 or Scott, 850.426.1420 
Jul 4(Thu) - ABATE's Firecracker Bike Show.  Riverwalk, Milton, FL.  JL, 850.896.9694 
Jul 13(Sat) - Christmas In July.  AmLeg75, Crestview, FL.  Oz, 850.305.0819 
For events for the rest of the year, click HERE!